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Most-recommended Safety Accessories for Two-Wheelers

If you are new to the world of motorcycling, staying safe is very important, and therefore in addition to knowing how to ride a motorcycle and controlling it, you also need a few safety accessories. Check out this list of most recommended motorcycle riding safety accessories.

If you are yet to experience the freedom of riding a motorcycle in your life, we highly recommend that you get started as soon as possible because it is one of those things in life that you do not want to miss out on. After the pandemic, two-wheelers have become the first choice for people to commute as well as we go on long trips because it not only makes it possible to maintain social distancing but also gives them a lot of freedom to stop whenever they want your head towards any destination they wish.   

If you are new to the world of motorcycling, staying safe is very important, and therefore in addition to knowing how to ride a motorcycle and controlling it, you also need a few safety accessories. With that in mind we have collected the most recommended motorcycle riding safety accessories for your perusal. 

Motorcycle helmets 

First and foremost, of all riding safety equipment you need is a motorcycle helmet. There are a ton of options in the market today to choose from. From full face helmet to half face helmet and modular helmets in between you can check out all the options by visiting your nearest motorcycle riding accessories shop and see which one fits your requirements and lifestyle the best. While purchasing a new branded motorcycle helmet make sure to check for the writing safety features as well as comfort features that are built into the motorcycle helmet because in the long run this will impact your experience with the helmet.

Protective eye gear 

Most motorcycle helmets with the exception of Motocross helmets come with a visor which protects your eyes against dust and debris on the road as well as bugs that keep on flying in the air. Like the motorcycle helmets visor come in different configurations such as clear view and tinted in different colors. in addition to those you can also purchase a motorcycle riding goggles and use it as an alternative to the motorcycle visor in certain scenarios if you wish to. 

Full-body riding armor 

Experts have found that in the event of an accident the first body part that comes in contact with tarmac are the hands and the elbows which need protection just like the head and eyes. Invest in a full body riding armor that will keep your entire body from scratches and bruises even if you happen to be in an accident. There are different types of body armor that are specifically designed for hot and humid conditions as well as for cold weather conditions.  Depending on the conditions that you are riding in and the weather that you anticipate during your ride make sure to invest in the right configuration to be safe as well as comfortable. 

Noise protection gear 

On a short right you might not notice the enormity of road noise that your ears have to deal with when you are on a motorcycle. But when you go on a long trip the road noise can quickly become very annoying and also a cause of health concern later in your life. Many experienced bikers often complain of senile deafness and other listening problems because they do not wear noise protection while riding a motorcycle. If you have a loud exhaust, or you frequently ride in a noisy environment, it is very important that you use ear plugs to keep the road noise away. While purchasing ear plugs for motorcycle riding, be sure to check whether the plugs allow a little amount of the ambient noise to pass through because that will help you near traffic coming behind you and take evasive action if necessary. 

Aftermarket crash guards 

In addition to protecting your body from accidents, the motorcycle also needs protection against crashes. After market crash guards and paint protection hardware can help you keep the motorcycle looking new for many years to come. After market crash guards are especially necessary if you ride an adventure motorcycle or if you find yourself riding unpaved rocky trails too often. Most modern motorcycles that are designed for off-roading come with crash guards directly from the factory, but if your bike did not come with those, it isn’t too hard to find the right fit with so many aftermarket options available these days.  

Communication systems 

Staying in contact with people back home is very important for your personal safety.  You might need to keep someone updated about your current position and upcoming itinerary so that they can come to your help if you ever need it. It might be uncomfortable and impractical to stop your ride frequently to take a call. One way to solve the problem is with a Bluetooth communication module that can be installed directly into the helmet.  If you look around in the market, modern helmets already come with such communication modules built into the helmet so you don't have to upgrade it at all. But if you are using an old model, you can very simply upgrade the communication system by connecting a headphone that comes with every new mobile phone these days.

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