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Easy Control: 4 Apple Watch Apps to Use For Your Car

Let's look at a few programs from automakers that will be a great helper to the driver in conjunction with a popular gadget from Apple.

Digital technology makes cars smarter, easier to drive and allows you to enjoy driving wherever you go. For example, a service such as makes car rental much more accessible to users. You can book a car of any category exactly where you need, while an innovative search engine allows you to compare offers from many companies. So, is a great example of how technology simplifies our lives.

As for the other brands, Apple has also contributed to the development of the automotive industry. You may have heard that quite a few automobile companies are massively installing the Apple CarPlay system in their new cars, which will automatically integrate smartphones with the infotainment system. Thus, the Apple Watch can be an amazing addition to its integration into motor vehicles. Do you want to make sure of it?

Let's look at a few programs from automakers that will be a great helper to the driver in conjunction with a popular gadget from Apple.

BMW i Remote

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As you can see from the name of the application, this program is designed only for the electric models - BMW i3 and the hybrid BMW i8. It should be noted that BMW was the first automaker provided an opportunity to observe various parameters of its innovative models on the phone screen by using the Remote program. 

The application from BMW provides an opportunity for owners of an i3 and i8 models to control the battery level on the phone, the power reserve, and also tells them where the car is parked in the parking lot if they suddenly forget where exactly their car is. Including, by using the iRemote application you can control door locks, climate control system and use a set of ConnectedDrive BMW digital services.

With Apple Watch, you can also see your car’s power reserve, calculate the effectiveness of your driving style so that you can save battery power if necessary with the help of the recommendations that the application gives you.




Porsche Car Connect

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The application works with such car models as Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, and 918 Spyder, which are equipped with the ability to integrate phones with car software.

Putting the Apple Watch on your hand, you can use it to lock and unlock the car, fold the side mirrors, check the tire pressure, check the range of your vehicle, and also see the fuel level in the tank and the battery charge in the hybrid power unit. Including, on some Porsche car models, you can remotely activate the climate control system to get in a cooled or warmed car, depending on the time of year.

A GPS locator will also help you find your lost car in a confusing parking lot. So for example, if you suddenly forgot where you parked your car in a large parking garage, then this application will show you on your watch or phone the shortest walking route to the place where the car is. In addition, the Porsche application can check if the windows, doors, sunroof or trunk of your car are closed.


Hyundai Blue Link

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A Korean company also has an application for smartwatches. The Hyundai Blue Link program will allow you to use the watch to lock and unlock the car doors at a distance, and at the same time to remotely start the engine, turn on the side lights and headlights of your car. The application will work with almost all Hyundai cars released since 2013, which are equipped with the ability to integrate mobile devices and electronic watches with vehicle software.

The application for Apple Watch can also help you find a car in a parking lot, connect you with a roadside assistance service, and send the given GPS coordinates to your navigation car system.


Volkswagen Car-Net

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Car-Net application from Volkswagen is one of the most powerful integration capabilities of the phone, watch and car. In addition to the standard functions of such integration of the phone and the vehicle, including remote unlocking and locking of doors, checking the closing of windows, sunroof and doors, searching for a parked car in a parking lot, this application also allows you to create special notification settings if your car, for example, exceeds certain speed of movement. This can be useful for controlling inexperienced young drivers.

The app is compatible with Apple products. Thus, using the Apple Watch or iPhone, you can send the necessary addresses from the list of your contacts to the navigation system of the car, which will create the route you need to the addressee.

In addition, with the help of an Apple electronic watch, you can check the fuel level in the car, and all the electrical parameters of hybrid and electric Volkswagen cars - power reserve, battery charge, as well as control efficiency to save energy and pre-activate the climate system in the car.


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