Movies sharing major travel goals – Travel movies you must see

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A few drives and flies to various places do not harm, else it makes you happy and refreshed to deal with the same boring life you have been going through daily.

If you are not too sure about how to travel and you are looking for some motivation, here are some of the best travel movies, which have been giving us major travel goals to reach out to our favourite place with loved people and make memories that will stay with you for time immemorial.

Your first impulse when arranging an outing is most likely to go quite far, yet there's a great deal to be found nearer to home. While you're foreseeing that next intriguing escape, satisfy your movement bug by going on end of the week outings to the closest large urban areas. Envision you're a vacationer from another nation visiting your region. You'll be astounded by what number of astonishing things there are to see inside a short drive or train ride. The best part about these little outings is that you don't need to sit on a trip for a considerable length of time, put a hold on work, or exhaust your movement reserve to encounter new things.

Tracks –

A story of a solo traveler, who is out on a spree for a wonderful trip with 4 camels and one faithful dog. It is a remake of a book written by Robyn Davidson and ace director, John Curran, directed the movie. She wandered around the world traveling from various deserts to the shore of the Indian Ocean.

The Motorcycle Diaries –

Are you a biker? Love your bike? Planning a road journey, wait for this movie will give you serious goals to reach the location of your choice on your favorite 2-wheeler and fall in love with the meaning of life. The story is about traveling the whole of South America on a two-wheeler and what all was faced during this time. It is a necessary watch if Your Bike is your go-to travel partner. This is a great travel movie.

Dill Chahta Hai –

A film about friendship and travel will surely give you major goals and make you contact your squad for a fun-loving trip like these 3 friends planned a fun-packed trip from Mumbai to Goa in their car. If you are a fan of fun with friends, this travel movie is your motivation seeker.

Queen –

The first thing that you will say after seeing the movie is that ‘the girl has got guts’. A story of a girl who was abandoned on the day of her marriage and she plans to go on her honeymoon all alone. The problems and excitement she faces are motivating and hilarious.

A Good Year

Russell Crowe stars right now a powerful London stockbroker who realizes there is something else entirely to life than cash. Acquiring a manor and vineyard in Provence that he gets ready to sell, Crowe becomes hopelessly enamored with the basic existence of the French open country and a nearby delight. This carefree satire will make you need to book your pass toward the South of France ASAP.


Consistent with his picture, Imtiaz Ali made the characters depicted by Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone meet on their outing to Corsica. From investigating all the enjoyment puts in the picturesque visitor goal, 'Tamasha' additionally delved profound into the quiet bylanes of Shimla other than a touch of Delhi. What occurred in Corsica may have remained in Corsica, however the film certainly made the moviegoers long for the genuinely necessary get-away – solo or with a friend or family member.

Qarib Qarib Single

Irrfan Khan and Malayalam on-screen character Parvathy's 'Qarib Singlle' was an in-your-face travel film yet not with the couple winding up with a living respectively, bite the dust together romantic tale. As the two took a short excursion to which ended up being the outing of their lives, the film followed their excursion from the ghats of Rishikesh, sands of Bikaner to Gangtok in the east exemplifying all methods of transport from trains, transports, ropeway to taxis. How unforeseen occasions from missed trains to straightforward strolls hit the notes of companionships and battles on their way to self-disclosure frames the essence of the film.


It's as yet basic to do inquire about before you travel, however don't let the manual direct your whole excursion. A nearby's point of view could guide you to an incredible shrouded treasure, or simply let you realize which significant tourist spots are genuinely worth the publicity. We work with nearby drivers who realize their urban areas like the rear of their hands, so what better spot to begin? Searching for certain tips before your excursion? Investigate a portion of our Driver of the Month posts for some counsel from a portion of our best drivers around the globe.

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