Top Attractions To Explore Nepal Holiday

Nepal is the gateway to the Himalayas and is a scenic land where the sunrise and sunset are magnificent. You should take the opportunity to explore the gorgeous land by trekking. Simply, Trekking is a form of walking, with the purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery.

In a state where the culture is to revere guests as gods, Nepal is a perfect family holiday destination. Nepal is synonymous with its powerful Himalaya, ever-smiling hospitable and friendly people, family values, rich flora and fauna, unique culture and heritage. With the restoration of democracy and the end of Maoists' insurgency, Nepal has once more become a safer place to travel. Enjoy a family holiday in Nepal because it is an epitome of fun, adventure, and natural beauty. One can travel to every corner of Nepal expecting the same hospitality and individuals eager to go out of their way to make tourists feel at home.


The very best family holiday destination ought to have a family and child-friendly surroundings and it must cater to kids and the overall taste of the whole family. The accommodation choices are important because households spending a holiday are extremely particular in the location where they'll be spending the majority of their time. Therefore, the resort has to be clean since the entire family deserves a more comfortable and stress-free spot to sleep, bathe or perhaps only a place for comfort. Cleanliness of hotel baths, spa and pools must also be assessed. It's wonderful to remain in a location where a friendly atmosphere could be sensed and families are welcomed.


Family gets loads of chances to participate, indulge and enjoy excellent time with each other. Family vacations are devised keeping the kids interest at heart without exhausting them and ensuring that the household gets comfy accommodations, relaxation, and good meals. One can choose from 1 day to a 20-day excursion or more led by the tour leader. All sorts of fun and entertaining holiday activities are offered for children; biking along the countryside, nature walk, canoeing, elephant safari in Royal Chitwan National Park, cultural excursion, boating on Phewa Lake in Pokhara, rafting along gentle rapids of rivers, trekking, educational tour and a lot more. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini would be the most popular destinations. At the current time, the Annapurna area has also topped the family preference record.


Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is an excellent option to introduce youngsters and adults to the ancient history of Nepal, the urban way of life and cultural heritage. From resorts, guest houses to bed and breakfast, and one could have the most effective child-friendly lodging in Kathmandu very much suited to a family. Sightseeing tour around Kathmandu can be very enlightening for both parents and kids; visits to the Basantapur museum, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath stupa, Swayambhunath stupa, Patan and Bhaktapur offer a closer glimpse of Nepal's unique arts, craftsmanship, culture, tradition, and tradition. Kids will especially find the sights of mischievous monkeys quite amusing and intriguing in Pashupatinath temple and Swayambhunath stupa.


Nagarkot is another spectacular sight that's just 35 km away from Kathmandu and is popular for its sunset and sunrise views and gorgeous resorts which makes it a complete delight for the family. Equally enchanting is Dhulikhel located at a distance of 30 km from Kathmandu. While embarking on cultural exploration and nature tour around this area, families get to interact with local people and this may be quite enlightening for both children and parents as they learn new cultures and different viewpoints.

You can always find great deals for Nepal tours on the internet. Online agents are currently offering custom made holidays. A Nepal tour is generally a week to ten days long and will include a city tour as well as a visit to the remoter regions of Nepal. The beautiful landscape of the city will leave the memory of your visit memorable. Traveling with your loved ones or spouses consistently brings a discount. Make certain that you ask your agent for the particulars. Also, remember to get your whole itinerary before you depart for Nepal. Luxurious. Nepal tours have been known for its luxurious hotels and guesthouses. The brokers will notify you of the various accommodations you are booked in depending on the package. While trekking in Nepal, you'll find a chance to see the tropical woods and also pass through local villages and stay at the forest lodges.

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