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Australia Holiday Vacation

Australia Tour Agency offers Australia tour and travel services to visit Australia country the most popular tourists attractions which includes Sydney city, Melbourne city, Brisbane city and many more.

Australia is a famous tourist place where has lots of natural places to visit like beautiful and clean beaches, Islands, deep forests, wide farming lands and different types of the animals and birds. Australia mostly populations residence in its seven cities which are Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. Australia is fully developed country which mostly people life their happy life. Australia holiday tour is a good idea to explore its tourists places and local people life style.

. Australia Visa versus New Zealand Visa

There is hardly a difference between the visa fees of both the Australia visa and the New Zealand visa.Though the processing time of both differs due to the fact being the New Zealand visa requires Indian citizens to get an e-visa which is faster than the regular visitor Australia visa for Indians.

2. Expenses

A roundtrip air ticket for Australia is usually considerably more expensive than for New Zealand. The accommodation In Australia varies from city to city the metropolitan ones being understandably more expensive.

Accommodation is cheaper in New Zealand comparatively both in off-season and high-season. You could make travel and accommodation cheaper by opting for some kind of deal on a reliable Australia tour packages; comparing them to see which is suits you better.

3. Places to visit

While both places boast of scenic beauty and expansive wildlife they are unique in their own way.

Where New Zealand's landmark attractions are mostly natural, Australia has iconic metropolitan landmarks to show off. With a number of prominent cities and countless attractions, it's wiser to actually opt for some kind of Australia tour package since it will enhance your experience and make sure you won't miss out on the best of experiences.

While New Zealand's beaches aren't as celebrated as that of Australia the land of kiwis makes up for it by having the best of both worlds; summery beaches and winter sports as well. Offering an unparalleled array of outdoor activities New Zealand definitely takes the cake in this aspect.

4. Climate

Even though the two countries are close by, separated just by the Tasman Sea their climates vary. Australia has a tropical influenced climate, with hot, humid and sunny summers and mild, pleasant winters. New Zealand, on the other hand, has a fairly temperate climate having mild temperatures, with sunny days unless faced with moderate but frequented rainfall, though it gets colder as you move southwards. December to February is a good time climate-wise to visit both countries.

So which should be your pick?

If you're looking for a holiday that's the whole package with a balance of scenic natural beauty and buzzing excitement of city life, warm beaches and lazy days tanning in the sun; Australia is the place for you.

Since the Australia visa for Indians takes a little time to get processed its necessary, you plan your trip to Australia with plenty of time in hand preferably make your bookings using the best deal on an Australia tour package.

If your budget is tight, time is limited, and you want an outdoorsy, adrenaline filled holiday in a country with excellent climate New Zealand is your go to. Availability of accommodation can be an issue in high seasons, and it is advisable to make hotel bookings months in advance.

Both countries will provide you with extremely different but equally memorable experiences so access your budget, duration, and nature of your holiday and pick a paradise of choice. Safe travels!

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