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New-age Legal Tech, The Law App, Fast-Tracks Lawyer-Client Relationships for Free

Think lawyers are too expensive? Now you can hire a lawyer on your terms.

“The Law App” is a new web-based legal technology that wilFlawyerl allow consumers to locate an available lawyer and connect with them instantly by voice and video, in much the same way that someone can hail a ride ‘on-demand’ using the transportation app Uber or order food using food delivery app Menulog.

This unique technology has been fully designed and developed by progressive Australian lawyers in-house and is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Marketplace at no charge to users and lawyers.

“Our state-of-the-art app is in the on-demand service marketplace space… it’s like Uber, Airtasker or Menulog but for lawyers,” says company co-founder Charles Noble. “You simply touch The Law App and communicate with a range of pre-screened and validated lawyers in real-time video or chat messaging, live and direct.”

How does it work?

When a client first installs The Law App, they are prompted to create a login and profile, either by connecting to a social network such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, or by simply using a valid email address.

Once the user logs in, the app allows them to list their matters and requirements for legal help. They set their budget,  location, and area of law that is relevant. A qualified (and verified) lawyer, who is a member of The Law App and that works in the relevant area of law, will be contacted and can respond with a bid to handle the case together with a clear indication of expected costs. The user can then conduct an interview and make their selection based on the most appropriate candidate and agreed-on cost.

This means only lawyers who have experience in the specified area of law will have access to bid and the client can opt-in to receive multiple bids.  The user can view the lawyer’s bids, comments, and responses or choose who to progress the matter with.  

Real-time Video Calls

When lawyers and clients meet together during the interview process, they can select a video call option to communicate more effectively. When a user sees the video call coming in, displaying the caller’s name and profile, the call can either be denied or accepted. If the recipient accepts, the two parties are connected to a private video call. If either party denies (or misses) the call, an alternative suitable time can be scheduled or a message sent.

Who benefits from The Law App?

“We believe that technology such as this has broad-based applications within the legal sector as well as a relationship development device and marketing tool for lawyers in all areas of law,” Noble says.

The Law App’s plan is to develop a network of fully qualified lawyers to participate in and grow the service to reach a global audience. The Law App offers lawyers a free membership. Additional add-ons and upgrade features can be added for a small fee if lawyers find a use for them.

The global legal marketplace.

The founders foresee the app being used to answer quick and simple legal questions at no charge, as well as foster a competitive marketplace to obtain the best priced comprehensive legal service when a more complete service is required. The incentive for lawyers and legal experts to participate is to establish new relationships with instant opportunities to build their client-base.

In addition to opening up a segment of legal services for those who traditionally may not have been able to afford lawyers, The Law App provides a platform where client’s who are looking for competent legal services can achieve the best cost Vs experience outcome.  All communication and advice will come from lawyers dedicated to servicing the client’s needs.

Small firms and/or sole practitioners can provide quick legal help and a legal triage to low-income clients (especially those in remote areas or with disabilities who may be unable to attend an office for geographic or physical reasons).

The Law App is set to become the Uber or Menulog of the law industry. Access to on-demand legal advice, especially at a lower and more competitive cost, will change the legal services industry for the future.

Membership is free and currently available for download on or in the Google Play Store and Apple Marketplace.  

The Law App. Hire a lawyer. On your terms.


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