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Within a budget of Taka 50000, you can comfortably buy a premium brand smart tv of 43-inch screen size. These premium brands are durable, dependable, exceptional in terms of performance and quality, and are all packed with useful features to improve your viewing experience.

Within a budget of Taka 50000, you can comfortably buy a premium brand smart tv of 43-inch screen size. These premium brands are durable, dependable, exceptional in terms of performance and quality, and are all packed with useful features to improve your viewing experience.

Out of these available options, we highly suggest Samsung smart tv. Samsung is a reputed manufacturer when it comes to electronics. Employing advanced technologies gives high-quality display and immersive audio, leading to an excellent viewing experience.

Samsung is also quite excellent. In reality, it has a 4K HD display with advanced technology, voice command operations through remote control, and superior, innovative television features, making it a fantastic choice.

Samsung, on the other hand, offers just a 32-inch smart television with a price tag of about taka 24000. If you want an intelligent television of a larger screen size within taka 45000, you will have to opt for brands that offer 49-55 inch smart televisions. But, it is after-sales service that isn't relatively instantaneous. Being a comparatively newer brand, its durability also cannot be commented upon with certainty.

Here we take check out the very best picks discussing its display, audio, intelligent features, and connectivity.

Samsung LED Smart Television

With an excellent display and intelligent features at fairly competitive pricing, Samsung Television is worth every penny invested.


The 43-inch display comes with a 4K resolution. Seeing 4K Content on YouTube and Netflix is quite a fantastic experience. The shades are lively, and the description is very well. The up scaling technology seems pretty decent, too, as Full HD content and SD content from the set-top box also are exhibited well, albeit there are a slight noise and distortion that's often found. The viewing angle of the television is also quite excellent. All in all, the tv has quite a remarkable display which you will fall in love with.


Though the audio output is merely 22W, you find that the quality and surround sound effect is elegant. The distinction between dialogues and desktop noise is good. Additionally, there are different sound modes to suit the content displayed.

Smart Characteristics and Connectivity

Samsung works on the Tizen interphase and its intelligent attributes are pretty straightforward and lag-free. The machine boots up and shuts down nearly immediately. Navigation is also relatively easy and fat-free. All significant performance apps are pre-installed. Others can be connected easily from their app store.

Just like all bright televisions nowadays, options like display sharing, casting are available on Samsung television. Moreover, you can live cast, browse, use the tv as a private computer, like radio, and enjoy lag-free gambling. Overall, the television is a fantastic entertainment package that you can purchase at about taka 26000.

Samsung Full HD LED Smart Television

With more than 95 percent of users reporting highly satisfactory reviews, you cannot fail with this Samsung complete HD Smart Television. Its screen, audio, and streaming capabilities are top-notch, making it one of the most outstanding 43 inches LED television s in Bangladesh.


Samsung tv includes complete HD resolution. Samsung has also incorporated the newest technologies to improve display quality. First of all, it includes HDR technology to boost clarity and color. These many Technologies result in a notable difference between whites and blacks. The shine is well defined that details in much darker scenes are observable.

Also, the ultra-clean perspective reduces stimulation and enriches the screen quality. To refrain from the video game-like texture included with Full HD Televisions, Samsung has integrated Advance Color Technology. Natural colors and crisp details are exhibited as accurately as possible.

The refresh rate of 50 Hz is introductory enough for regular television viewing. Overall, Users are highly pleased with the display quality. The only drawback is the absence of progress technology that facilitates wide viewing angles. Some viewers have the opinion that the film lacks clarity and color saturation at extreme angles.


The Samsung Bass is clear and adequate is also quiet enough to clearly distinguish between audio track and background scores in heavy-packed activity movies. As it has four-channel surround audio, the sound is somewhat immersive. In comparison to the remaining picks in this list, Samsung has the best sound quality. However, if you need a proper home theatre life effect, we recommend using a sound bar.

Smart Characteristics and Connectivity

This Samsung Complete HD Television uses Tizen Operating System. The wise hub is a one-stop access point for live tv, apps, and other resources. It's possible to navigate the app content while watching television.

The television also allows you to mirror your laptop and cell phone. Samsung television will be adequate if you want a bigger screen while working or getting another computer remotely.

Additionally, the location cloud permits you to save essential files from the cloud, thereby relieving distance in laptops and smartphones. Speaking of the connectivity, the tv has built-in Bluetooth, 2 HDMI, and 2 USB ports. Thus, it's reasonable to connect the sound bar using Bluetooth wirelessly.

Transtec 4K Smart LED Television


The LED TV also supports the 4K content. Like most videos from Transtec, the screen quality is superb. Seeing 4K content is very satisfying. You will be pretty happy with the clarity, distinction, color, and vividness.

The 4K up Scaling technologies of Transtec is very superior. Be it SD content from Full HD content or set-top box from streaming apps, the Quad-core processor upscale the image quite superbly. The color and contrast are good, with very little noise, if any.


The sound caliber is standard 22 W. It supports DTS surround sound. The television also has various audio manners, which enhances the sound quality to match the content.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The innovative attributes of Transtec televisions are rather pleasing. Lag-free, and the machine works superbly. In addition to pre-installed programs, the internet store contains numerous apps which you could download and use. The dashboard is reasonably clutter-free. And as with all Wise televisions, you can flow and Throw content out of your smartphone.



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