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Fresher candidate knows bpo and telecaller jobs are 2 types, i.e. non voice process job and voice process job. If you are recently pass out candidate and interested to start your career in this bpo sector then follow my blog, you get your all answer.

You are completed your graduation or any degree and you are thinking which non-technical job is good for you. And you will work in telecaller or voice process job because you are thinking this job is same type of non-voice process job. But non voice process job and voice process job is totally different type job.

Non-voice process job for fresher

Generally telecalling jobs are divided in to two types. That is voice process job and non-voice process job. Voice process job you will control and manage mobile phone calling with customers either inbound telemarketing or outbound telemarketing. Non-voice process job you will work in desktop and internet like chatting, email controlling and message etc.

Full time non-voice job employee will work in back office. This non-technical process does not required to take or make a mobile phone call to the customer. This non-voice process job involves the knowledge for typing and the capacity to understand of query for making the right processing. This non-voice process job is one of the most important processes in bpo sector for controlling customer doubts through emails and chat support.

What is non-voice process job?

In non-voice process job you will control chat process and email.  Non-Voice process are generally product based service, generally for e-commerce sites, like amazon, cifiyah, Snap-deal, etc. there are totally other categories of products to handle like technical and fashion are totally different categories, according to your rank or eligibility will get your categories.

There are many bpo jobs and voice process job like telecaller job and telecalling job in India as it has a large e-industry. Another same type of job like non-voice process job that is non-voice jobs of Chennai where one will control chat process to customer doubt of a email service, you will definitely get advantages of your performance.

Skills required for non-voice process job

  • You will require excellent verbal skills.
  • Professional typing and basic technical knowledge for non-voice process job.
  • You have patience to work in this bpo sector both day sift and night shift.
  • You will control the customer doubts and professional personality skills.

Future scope in non-voice process job

In this covid-19 pandemic situation, job for telecaller and call center job offering non-voice based services in several part of the country. Recently pass out candidate or graduate candidate with verbal skills and training could get in to bpo telecaller job offering non- voice process services, inbound chat support and outbound telemarketing.

Many non-technical organization violate towards non-voice process services such as accounting outsourcing, human resources outsourcing, IT outsourcing, etc. in this pandemic situation market for non-voice services is demand in bpo and telecaller job and is expected to grow to faster as it is still in the successful stage unlike voice process services.

Now you can appreciate these two jobs is totally different and if you are interested to start your life in this fields then will give best and genuine job in reputed company. Also you can post your different type of ads for your benefits.

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