Not Sure Whether Your Data Needs Encryption? Read This to Know

PrettyFluid Technologies founders built the company with a goal to offer high standards of data security and encryption to all individuals. They built Zentinel™ to protectsensitive data while simultaneously helping businesses comply with the myriad of privacy regulations. PrettyFluid Technologies has created the future of data protection encryption.

If you run a company, there are many, many tasks you manage that keep you from relaxing. From handling clients, managing employees, keeping an eye on the organization, to protecting your customer’s data…everything needs your constant attention.

Thousands of business-related data breaches are reported yearly and unfortunately those counts will continue to climb as technology becomes further entrenched in business operations. Data breaches also present additional challenges such as customer loss of trust and hefty fines, which are often disastrous to the viability of a company especially for non-fortune 500 companies.

What makes small and medium size businesses an easy target for data breaches is the security and encryption tools that are (or are not) incorporated into their cybersecurity technology stack. However, the days where elite cybersecurity technology is only affordable to large corporations is no longer the case. Such a relief, right!?

To prevent and stop data breaches at your company it is imperative to add strong cybersecurity and data encryption products to your technology environment. Below are a couple of points to help understand how data encryption adds value to your business:

Encryption protects data on the go: One of the major reasons to invest in encryption services is that it helps in protecting your data easily. Data is one of the biggest security risks that a company could ever face.

Encryption helps with compliance: Data encryption supports legal compliance. GDPR, CCPA, and other data laws recommend data encryption as a trustworthy tool for data protection.

If your data security technology is non-existent or needs an upgrade, then be sure to look for companies that offer data security and encryption services. And as you research be sure to contact PrettyFluid Technologies, a trusted data security and privacy company.

They are also well known for offering an excellent data protection tool called Zentinel™. It is an all-inclusive security tool and solution used by many small and medium companies to guard critical data while monitoring, controlling, and encrypting your most important information. So, if you are searching for a solution that will fill many data security and compliance gaps then Zentinel™ is the solution for you. Visit the PrettyFluid Technologies website the learn more.

About PrettyFluid Technologies:

PrettyFluid Technologies is a trusted cybersecurity company that will help protect your company and its clients from costly data breaches, while simultaneously providing 100% compliance with state, national, and international regulations such as CCPA and GDPR compliance through their groundbreaking platform Zentinel™.

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