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Offshore Payment Gateway With Upgraded Payment Solution

: The offshore payment gateway solution leads to working with acceptance of credit and debit card payment solution. The offshore payment solution are cost-effective merchant services. Acceptance of foreign form of credit is done though us at Eskaypays.

The offshore payment gateway is an incredible payment option that leads to the acceptance of payments and saves merchants with fraud protection. The merchant account includes offshore, domestic, and international merchant accounts. The offshore merchant account fulfills most of the needs. Availing of services at an unbeatable price along with a smooth and secure payment gateway helps to expand business with a global presence. The offshore and international merchant accounts are ideal for the mainstream e-commerce merchants' accounts. The domestic acquiring banks often decline the international credit card transactions as they term it as fraudulent.

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Offshore merchant accounts are ideal payment solutions for high-risk businesses. A large network of the acquiring banking partners works as the number of credit card processing options with all major credit card brands. The offshore merchant accounts work with unlimited monthly volume and the ability to process large ticket items. Offshore merchant accounts are the best option for growing an online business. The offshore merchant works with e-commerce businesses of all kinds. The offshore merchant accounts go hand-in-hand with the high-risk credit card processing. The offshore merchant account needs to register with business in the same country or any other region as acquiring banks.

The reliable, cost effective merchant services that also work as e-commerce, retail and any other business with high risk and offshore credit card processing solution. The merchant account managers work as consultant through the life of merchant accounts.

Benefits of the offshore payment gateways are:

  • Hassle free set-up
  • Quick integration
  • Global payment expertise
  • Global partnerships
  • Next day settlements
  • Conversion

The electronic checks are another better means of payment choice which are accessible with clients and increment deals. The development of electronic innovation and with collaboration of ACH the internet merchant leads to work with small amount of expense related to Visa. It may also work with reserves accessible as fast as the credit transactions.

The few other advantages with offshore payment gateways are as follows:

  • Propose to accepting a large range of credit cards within a short time period.
  • Acceptance of foreign forms of the credit
  • No minimal or maximal transaction process bounded
  • No generation of application or transaction fees
  • Generating systematic and good customer care
  • Privacy protection to the best extent possible
  • Tax reduced transaction and no hidden fees
  • Service with24*7

Eskaypay works as a leading payment gateway solution with all types of merchants with fraud protection. Offshore payment gateways work with ready to protect the online business from any type of fraud.

Transparency is the key factor which helps work in a safe and efficient way. The offshore payment gateway is a financial instrument that used to accept online payments made by either credit or debit cards outside ta residence of business.

The risk of tax evasion and money laundering reduces or make more difficult to cheat leading to positive practices of business. Few of the countries like Denmark are eradicating cash and asking the citizens to use only card for transactions. The payment gateways can be classified by the location of merchant account in two groups which are offshore and onshore.

The payment gateway accepts credit and debit card payments made within the same country where the company is found to be registered. The nature of business activity gets classified as high risk and generates a higher number of credit card frauds and chargebacks. The offshore payment gateways present a low risk of fraud and chargebacks with financial entity leading to the lowering of fees.

The offshore payment processing solution helps with handling online transactions leading to wider options.

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