On Page Optimization - Off Page Optimization

SEO is very central to Internet marketing and search engine optimization involves many activities out of which on page HTML has direct impact on the performance of a website. On page HTML, simply put, means structuring a website and making it compatible with the general guidelines of the World Wide Web.

Drive your web pages upward with on page HTML

On page optimization HTML is valuable for web pages that you want to rank high on search results. Itsmyguide has all the tools and the capability required to do perfect on page HTML for a website. We are doing this exercise for a quite long period hence possess immense experience in ensuring top placement for web pages in search results.

The tools for performing on page HTML include keywords research, meta tag writing, title tag writing and Alt tag optimization. You determine the pages of your website on which you need traffic and leave rest of the job to us. There is nothing in on page HTML that we can’t do.

Itsmyguide is your success partner in web marketing. It has the potential to drag your web page from bottom to the top of the search results. With quality on page HTML, it is possible. And you can see it happening right here at Itsmyguide.  

Top Placement on SERPs with Off Page Optimization

Search engines have become wary of the over-abuse of on page optimization techniques that is why off page optimization carries more weight than the former. If used properly, off page optimization tools can do magic for a website that is struggling for top placement in search engine result pages.

SEO consultants and experts at Itsmyguide have developed reliable and result oriented tools to bring traffic to your website.

  • Manual Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking Submission
  • Article Marketing
  • Blog Submission
  • Deep Link Submission
  • Niche Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Link Leveraging
  • Web Analytic Report
  • User Trend Report

These some of the off page optimization tools that are time tested on various websites we have optimized.

The credit to the success, we have achieved, goes to the team that developed off page optimization techniques with constant live testing, creative thinking and continuous research.

At Itsmyguide, we strive to increase your web traffic and highlight your online presence strictly under the search engines guidelines. We believe in ethical practice and want to implement genuine and focused off page optimization process. Our transparent work environment allows the clients to be a part of our SEO process.

Reputation Management and Branding

Starting a new venture and looking for a unique identity that truly reflects your business. Itsmyguide can help in building your brand and establish your identity.

Our complete corporate identity package will fill the gap between you and your objective. Starting from an idea, the branding goes through concept, visualization to implementing the strategy.

Our complete corporate identity package will fill the gap between you and your objective. Starting from an idea, the branding goes through concept, visualization to implementing the strategy.

Reputation Management by Itsmyguide

We combine creative design ideas with cutting edge technology and employ the strategy using innovative methods to get the desired results. The tools we use are:

Logo - The logo is the signature of a company hence it should resemble the business. The color and size should be compatible with the products or services offered by the site.

Brochure - The brochure is more than just introduction of the company and the products or services it offers. The brochure should work as a marketing copy and generate respect for the company.

Newsletter - It provides an opportunity to stay connected with your potential customers. You can invite visitors to sign in for your newsletter and get the information about every new development in your field.

Itsmyguide keeps thinking about the new ways to appreciate your brand and corporate identity. Its reputation managers belong to the communication field hence perfect for this job.

Social media provides a perfect platform where you can promote your brand and build a reputation for your company. Blogging is yet another tool used for brand building. And so is the forum posting.

Reputation Managers at Itsmyguide are master bloggers and have immense guest blog posting experience. They will post rb_blog and comment on other blog posts using your logo. Our professionals know what to post and when to post and where to post so that Internet users could become familiar with your logo, company and products or services offered.


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