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OTT App Development- Features, Costs & A Lot More!

Consagous Technologies is a leading OTT app development company, perfectly aware of the perfect balance that needs to be struck to come up with a technologically streaming app solution.

After COVID-19, there has been a huge spike in the number of OTT platforms across the globe. We take you through it all so that you have a better idea of what it takes for such an entertainment app development.

There are a lot of OTT app users in the world today, but out of this lot of people, a sizeable chunk is not aware of what an OTT app is all about. Despite the lack of awareness, Statista forecasts the OTT media revenue to go past $167 billion by 2025. It’s not too far-fetched to say that proper OTT app development can actually eliminate TV cable from their legacy of dominance.

If you are one of those with pretty limited knowledge of streaming apps, this article is just for you then.


OTT Apps- What Are They?

The full-form of OTT refers to Over The Top, where users get to stream different kinds of video content with an Internet connection right on their smart devices.

As far as the nature of this technology is concerned, there is no need for subscribing to any kind of cable subscription. Just with a downloaded app, users can watch their favorite movies and shows right at the same time.

Amazon Prime and Netflix are two of the most popular streaming platforms in the world today, that are being used on a regular basis.

There are a few types of OTT services that are available in the market which encompass this category as a whole-

  •     Audio
  •     Video
  •     Messaging
  •     VoIP

It is worth noting that out of these service categories, the video OTT category is the most sophisticated format of this technology, which translates into an amazing business opportunity for you if you are someone looking to benefit from this new trending technology.


OTT App Features

Like the story with every mobile app, there are certain features that govern the soundness of a video OTT app. Here are some of such features that are worth a mention-

Login & Sign Up

Login and Sign Up is the most essential feature, where a user enters personal details that are used to further enhance the overall user experience. In the case of a video streaming app, this process will further lead to the creation of user profiles, enabling them to log into their profile from any device. All they would need to do is enter their registered credentials.

Search Feature

Search is a crucial part in evaluating the overall experience of users. Through this feature, users can search for different content that they are looking to watch. TV shows, movies, and other random video content can be accessed through the search feature.

Just entering a name in the search bar will be enough.

Content Beyond Boundaries

With more users consuming content on your OTT app, the more will be the chances of generating more revenue. For a larger user base, it is highly recommended to include content that is not limited to just one or two languages.

Great content in multiple languages is a big plus because it gives users a lot of language options to choose from. Also, the variety of content increases for users as well.


Having a watchlist is another integral feature that must surely be there for the users of an OTT app. The watchlist feature allows users to mark and select the content that they will watch later.

To ensure that this feature is frequently tapped upon, users can be notified at regular intervals to have a look at their app watchlist.

Payment Gateway

Subscribing to any OTT platform is the biggest revenue churn for service providers. Usually, there is the option to choose from monthly or yearly subscription plans for users. This is why putting up a secure payment gateway in place is an absolute must.

Ensure that your OTT app developers incorporate one in place.


Screencasting is a highly valuable feature, which enables the users to ‘cast’ their streaming content from mobile devices to other compatible devices like TVs and desktops.

In terms of user commitment, this feature does a lot to help matters for any app owner.


Getting an OTT App Up & Running

For the purpose of getting a video streaming app developed, the first thing to decide will surely be the technology stack, which incorporates the selection of servers, security systems, and their related protocols.

However, if you are not very familiar with the technical aspects of it, hiring a professional entertainment app development company will do the trick as well.


Cost of Video Streaming App Development

There are a few important factors that you need to consider while making a cost estimate for your OTT app, which are-

  •     the number of features that you wish to involve within your app.
  •     the number of platforms your streaming app is going to be compatible with.
  •     the physical location of the app development company you have hired.
  •     the time needed to develop the app.
  •     the experience of your development team.

In rough terms, the cost of developing an OTT app can range from US $25K to US $45K, which can further vary on the kind of requirements that you might have.
Parting Thoughts

We have tried to include the costs, must-have features, and also the factors that will regulate the development cost of an OTT mobile app. However, there are a number of other factors which are dynamic and will come to the fore only when the app begins to get developed.

Consagous Technologies is a leading OTT app development company, perfectly aware of the perfect balance that needs to be struck to come up with a technologically streaming app solution.

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