Packaging for today should be demand of tomorrow

The modern trends in the custom printed boxes are now shaping the way for the future of packaging in the industry due to their ability to fulfill the consumer’s needs.

Packaging in today’s world is not simply a protective barrier for the product, but it is more like part of the consumer’s experience now. Custom printed boxes are now designed in accordance with the needs of modern consumers for providing them with the best ever experience combined with the eco-friendly alternatives that are serving to reduce the waste going to the landfills.

An overview

The packaging is with us for centuries, but its basic role was to only protect the packaged products from all sorts of damaging factors. The potentials of traditional styles were limited due to the materials used in them, but with the advancement in technology, there is a whole new innovation in the packaging materials and designs. Custom printed & packaging solutions available now in the market are highly functional and effectively serve in multiple roles rather than only protection. Marketing boxes packaging used nowadays is more like the sales executive of a brand in society due to its effectiveness in the promotional process. Customized cardboard boxes now work to retain the consumers due to the experience they provide. In short, it can be said that custom made boxes for products are now highly important, and it is essential to design them effectively.

Importance of trends

It is essential to design product boxes effectively in order to unleash their potential, and trends in society are like the basic guidelines to follow. These trends help the cardboard packaging boxes wholesale dealers in the designing process by conveying the preferences of consumers to the manufacturers. The trends in the industry are now continuously changing, and these trends are now shaping the way for better custom printed boxes designs that are sustainable than ever before, provide the consumers with effective experience, make the safety of items absolute, and a lot more.

Key trends in society

There are now several trends that are influencing the nature of materials and designs of product boxes packaging utilized in the industry. These trends are now mainly focusing on the sustainability of packaging designs in order to minimize the use of resources and the level of waste going to landfills combined with providing the consumers with the ultimate level of experience.


The packaging designs used in the past were mainly manufactured of non-biodegradable materials such as plastics and other sorts of petroleum-based alternatives. Such packaging designs were highly hazardous to the environment and resulted in raised levels of waste going to the landfills in addition to their negative impacts on the marine and wildlife. Sustainability of packaging designs is now the top concern in the industry, which is leading to go green trend.

Consumers also want their products to be packaged in biodegradable packaging, and according to a recent survey, 72% of global consumer majority are willing to pay more for the custom product boxes that are sustainable. Cardboard product boxes are widely used in the industry for this purpose due to their eco-friendly nature and the ease of handling. The material is highly versatile and can provide several benefits for elevating the visuals to ensuring the safety of products

E-commerce packaging

There is no doubt in the fact that the internet is now a new market rather than physical stores. Consumers find it easy to shop online rather than visiting the stores due to the convenience they get. The products are directly shipped to their doorsteps, and they find it simply easy. All good brands now have an online presence due to this reason, and the shipping boxes are designed in accordance with the online needs. While e-commerce, packaging is the basic medium for the businesses for their marketing and it is now trend in the industry to design customized shipping boxes that are alluring in nature due to printing on them and supports the branding of the business for providing the consumers with due experience in addition with helping the manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products.

Purposeful packaging 

According to a survey, when the consumers were asked that what they would like in a box packaging ideas, a majority of consumers replied that give a beneficial second life to the box. Packaging box manufacturers are now coming up with new and innovative packaging ideas for fulfilling the trend as it can shape the future of packaging. It not only helps in making the consumers happy but also works for the reduction of waste from the industry as consumers can reuse the packaging creatively by giving a second life to it. Moreover, color box packaging that is designed creatively also effectively works to attract a majority of the audience in order to raise the sales by a brand in addition to working for better repute and recognition of business in the market.

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