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Local Activities near Patrick Henry College

Northern Virginia is a tide pool for college students. Take, for instance, the W&OD trail.

The Washington and Old Dominion trail is a historic hiking and biking train that runs over forty miles and ends in Purcellville—just a five-minute walk from the campus of Patrick Henry College.

For the students here, it’s an incredible way to just go for a run or to grab a bike and hit the road. In the past, students have tried to bike to Washington D.C. Some of them have made it the full forty miles, others are forced to turn around long before the trail ends. Either way, the Washington and Old Dominion Trail is only one of the many blessing of being in northern Virginia.

The area has a number of local attractions that it offers to the students of Patrick Henry College. Some include Arlington Cemetery, Old Rag Mountain, Harper’s Ferry, old town Alexandria, and many, many more. The area is crawling with things to do and cites to visit.

The phrase “Virginia is for Lovers” actually used to be “Virginia is for history lovers,” as a nod to the state’s extensive role in the history in the United States. It’s gentle and green and you could drive through the whole of Purcellville in under ten minutes. For most people, no, it’s not really what they would think of as a ‘college setting.’ While most campuses have miniatures cities built around them, Purcellville is filled with local shops, ice cream stores, boutiques, family diners, churches, and residential areas.Here’s a few reasons why that’s of benefit to the students of Patrick Henry College.For the students at Patrick Henry College, there are so many different ways they can explore and participate in activities which would enhance and enrich their college experience as a direct result of the college’s physical location. From visiting the Lincoln Memorial to walking down the battlefields of Manassas, it’s not hard to better appreciate the spirit of the American founding.

It’s significant to note that although Purcellville is considered a rural area, most of these attractions and places are less than a 20-minute drive away.

Local Venues near Patrick Henry College

Students at Patrick Henry College have quite a few different options for places they might want to shop at. Less than a fifteen-minute drive from campus there’s a Target and a Walmart, a Dick’s Sporting Goods, and an entire mall. Buying clothes, electronics, or home or kitchen appliances won’t be a problem.According to the United States Census Bureau, Purcellville Virginia has a population of roughly 5,000 people. In other words:It’s really small. The police station and the fire department are less than a five-minute drive away. Between these two factors, it’s an extraordinarily safe town. Another report notes that the crime rates are 51% lower than those in Virginia as a whole and, further, that the crime rate is 73% lower than the national average Patrick Henry College is perfectly situated to provide for student’s needs whatever those might be.

Restaurants are also plentiful. Chick fil a, Dunkin Donuts, Mod’s Pizza, Harris Teeter, and a number of different burger places are all locations less than a five-minute walk away from the college. And there’s more to come. Purcellville is a growing town.This means that students at Patrick Henry College can take walks at night, jog in the afternoon, and bike around without any fear of running into unsavory figures

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Leo Briceno is currently studying Political Journalism at Patrick Henry College; a classical Christian liberal arts college in Purcellville, Virginia. Leo has grown up in Norther Virginia and after graduation, plans to stay in the area to work in the news industry in Washington D.C.

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