Pay Per Click Lead Generation [What You Need To Know]

Pay-per-click advertising is a fascinating subject and a hot topic in modern marketing.

Lead generation means attracting prospects and converting them into clients who are interested in your business. It is an important practice used by businesses to build their brand and establish an identity in the competitive business world. And, when it comes to generating leads online, there can be no better way than PPC Ads to attract prospects towards your website and turn them into leads.

PPC or pay per click is an online advertising model to drive more traffic towards a website, boost conversions, and get more sales. However, one common misconception surrounding PPC is that it only works for e-commerce sites. But, the truth is, it is an equally effective platform for businesses looking to generate leads online.

This article covers everything you need to know about pay per click lead generation.

Who is PPC Lead Gen for?

There’s a common misconception that PPC is for e-commerce websites only; however, that’s not true! PPC is very effective for all websites, brands, and companies that are on the track of online lead generation.

Lead generation, also referred to as Lead Gen, is a must-have for brands who want to expand their business to more than one brand. The business characteristics that comes with lead gen includes:

  • Various trial and testing periods
  • Approvals and denials
  • Long hours because of the complexities in products or services
  • Variations in the prices

How Is PPC Good For Lead Generation?

For this, you need to consider the sales and marketing funnel, which you need to keep filling with leads. First, the leads reach the initial stage of the funnel and later turn into conversions and customers. The challenge is to get initial leads so that you can feed them with relevant content and convince them to take desired actions.

So, how do you get leads initially? Well, blogging, social media, organic reach, etc., are some of the great ways that help you get leads. But, all these ways of generating leads take time to bring in results.

ppc marketing

With PPC, you can appear on the top of SERP instantly and present your offerings in front of those who are searching for what you offer. This way, more people become aware of your brand, and you generate leads faster than other lead generation ways.

You have to pay for the clicks, though. If done right, PPC lead generation benefits will outweigh your spending. Some of the benefits of generating leads via PPC are-

  • You can target the right people who might be interested in your products and services.
  • You can choose the right keywords, rank high, and drive more traffic to the website instantly.
  • You can bid on the keywords relevant to different phases of the marketing funnel.
  • You can tailor your marketing message or Ads to the users’ search queries.
  • You can grow leads and convert them with other marketing methods.

Now that you know how PPC is great for generating leads let’s look at the steps to create a winning PPC lead generation campaign.

Steps To Create A Great PPC Lead Generation Campaign

If your goal is to generate highly valuable leads within a short time, PPC is a good choice. Since PPC is a paid advertising campaign, the following steps can help you minimize waste and get the most intended results.

Target Valuable, Industry-Specific Keywords

The best keywords are the ones that are relevant to your business. While there is no limit on keyword usage, you need to figure out how many you can afford to use in your PPC campaign. If you are just starting out and have a tight budget, stick to a few high-value keywords. This way, you will work within your budget and get targeted results.

Write Catchy Headlines For PPC Ads

The next step is to write an informative yet catchy headline for your PPC Ads. Include your brand name, pricing, location, and keywords in the headline. You can also use these headlines to promote other aspects, like free consultations, free quotes, or even highlight any of your achievements to make your Ad stand out.

Use Compelling Call-to-Action Buttons

CTA or call-to-action is the most important part of your Ad that encourages customers to take action. For PPC lead generation, you can use CTAs, like ‘Get a free quote daily,’ ‘Sign up now,’ ‘Get more information,’ etc. Use these CTAs on different Ads to see what works best.

Use An Ad Extension

Ad extensions help customers see information, like the company’s name, contact details, customer reviews, etc. By adding Ad extensions to your Ads, you can give your customers as much information as possible. Besides, you can also use Ad extensions to place form fields for gathering email addresses or other info about the leads.

Support Your Advertising Claims

Provide evidence that supports your advertising claims and gain the trust of the audience. You can use a customer testimonial to support your claim as a good product or service. It will convince the users to click your Ads, and you get more leads.


PPC is an effective tool for generating valuable leads online who will likely convert into customers. Though you can find plenty of other ways for lead generation with PPC, the ones mentioned above are sure to direct you towards a more targeted path for generating leads. Now that you know how great PPC is for lead generation, it’s time to create a top-notch PPC campaign. Once you are done with that, make sure to track the progress of your campaign and see where you could improve. It will help you get more intended results.

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