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Payment Gateway UK - An Innovative Solution For The Merchants

WebPays offers a comprehensive solution for payment processing to the merchants.

No doubt a payment gateway is an inseparable part of the e-commerce industry. Whenever it comes to generate revenue from the e-commerce industry, a payment gateway will always be needed.

 A payment gateway makes things more convenient and more comfortable for a customer and merchant to make and process online payments. It offers various features that make your business more accessible for your customers.

Customers looking for a modern solution to pay against their sales or customers who don’t want to use cash as the payment are increasing day by day. In this situation, a merchant must accept payment online with the help of a payment gateway.

There are various features and services to look at in a payment gateway, but before proceeding further we should know what payment gateway is?  


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So What Is A Payment Gateway?

In brief, a payment gateway Europe is a solution that provides a secure way for customers to share their credit card and debit card payment information on your website.

It provides encryption to their data using an SSL encryption tool and works with your bank to determine if the payment is legit. If it is then the payment processor will successfully transfer the payment to your bank account. If not then it will reject the payment and will save you from a painful chargeback fee.


Services you should look for while choosing a payment gateway: 


Security: PCI DSS Compliance Level

You need to ensure the safety of your customer’s data while selling your products or services online. Failure to providing safety to your customers can result in as extremely heavy fines, which could cripple your business. So, before choosing a payment gateway provider, ensure whether it is PCI compliant or not?

Either you get expertise in encryption technologies and understand it deeply to monitor how your business handles your customer data or look for a service provider that offers your PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance to ensure data safety for your business.


Ease of Integration

A payment gateway is a just computer program. As a result, it needs to be able to integrate with the other programs that run your website. Plus, it should be as easy as possible, so that even a non-technical person can make it without any hurdle.


Uptime & Reliability Record

An online store should be available 24*7 for their customers, so your payment gateway. Uptime and reliability are key components of any online business. If your gateway down means your business is down. It is essential to ensure 24*7 uptime guarantees with your service provider before opting for services.


The Right Level of Fraud Detection

It is quite obvious that no merchant likes to sell their products or services with disputed payment or chargeback. However, you need to make sure that you are not losing your legitimate customers.

To avoid these frauds, a payment gateway works with the right level of fraud detection tools to save their clients from them and to provide surety to sell their products or services to their customers without throwing money down the drain.


Payment Options Accepted

For a business, it is vital to be able to accept payment via various modes. There are more possibilities for a merchant to make more business when he provides more payment options to their customers. At a bare minimum, your business should accept both credit card and debit card payments. However, with an appropriate payment gateway, you will get several other payment options to make your business more accessible for your customers.


Multiple Currencies Accepted

Seek for a Payment Gateway UK region that does not only focus on customers in the UK. This means it should offer you the ability to get into the global market. You should opt for a payment gateway that accepts diverse currencies.

The ability to process payments in numerous currencies is the best way to make your business trustworthy for your global customers.


Why choose WebPays?

WebPays offers a comprehensive solution for payment processing to the merchants. It hardly matters in what business nature you are into? Either you are a high-risk, low-risk, or mid-risk merchant, we have a payment processing solution for you.

Under the guidance of our experts, you can easily get the payment gateway integration with your website along with merchant account approval.

Our power-packed payment gateway supports you and your business to grow to an immense level. We consistently support you in generating more revenue and more profit for your business.

Features you get with us
  • Easy integration
  • Fast approval
  • Diverse currency processing
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Multi-channel processing
  • Credit card processing
  • Offshore payment processing
  • Anti-fraud management
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance
  • Chargeback management
  • 24*7 customer support


To know more about the Payment Gateway UK region, contact us right away.

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