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Perfume Collection for Everyday Wear

If you're on the hunt for a women's perfume that'll do wonders for your mood, take your pick of any in the Thalia Sodi collection. Thalia Sodi, a Mexican singer-songwriter-actress launched her line of celebrity fragrances in 2019. They include the coconut-y, floral scented Blooming Opal, the ultra-feminine Absolute Amethyst, the floral-fruity Diamond Petals, citrus-y Liquid Sun. Of these perfumes, one reviewer, Tiff Benson, liked Blooming Opal, Absolute Amethyst, and Diamond Petals. Each perfume is inspired by Thalia's love of the namesake gemstone.

Most of her collection is for everyday wear. Isn't that what we've been taught? Smell good, and look good before stepping out the door (for ourselves, if not the world)? Scents can take you back in time, make you feel relaxed or alert, reduce your stress levels – and your blood pressure. Fragrances are connected to emotional memory and stored in long-term memory. Here's a breakdown of what each scent smells like, so you can choose to wear the one that's closest to your mood at the time.

Liquid Sun

Liquid Sun has neroli as one of the top notes, as well as frangipani, and golden amber. The scent it gives off is musky, citrus-y, and floral all at once. Soft, uplifting, inviting, and bright, the perfume stays on for 2-3 hours straight.

Azure Crystal

This particular perfume is a beachy, tropical fragrance – some would say even soapy, coconut-y, salty. Stays on you for 4-5 hours. It's ingredients actually include coconut water and white sand!

Blooming Opal

Blooming Opal is smells like white florals, musky, and slightly tropical. Its key notes include gardenia, and tuberose, musk, and jasmine sambac. You can wear it every day, and won't have to re-apply it for a long time.

Diamond Petals

Diamond Petals is quite wearable, even though the freshness goes down in about an hour. Fruity and oriental at the same time, the perfume has freesia, coconut wood, as well as cassis. It includes grapefruit, notes of warm vanilla, guava. The top notes are of cassis, guava accord, grapefruit, mandarin, while freesia, magnolia, muguet petals make up the heart notes. Prune blossom, coconut wood, sandalwood, cedarwood, and vanilla bean are the base notes. This perfume stays on you for 4-5 hours.

Absolute Amethyst

Absolute Amethyst has a luxurious, classy scent to it. It has coriander as one of the top notes as well as Tonka bean and Black Dahlia, and gives off a fruity, spicy fragrance. It's woody-, oriental-, and floral-smelling at the same time.

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