Makeup Rules For People Who Wear Contact Lenses

Makeup Rules For People Who Wear Contact Lenses

If you love makeup and wear contact lenses, you need to follow a few golden rules. Not for nothing, but studies confirm that cosmetics are one of the reasons why irritations occur in the eye area. Here's what you have to do!


I will start this material with 2 key questions:

  1. How many times have you had remnants of eyeshadow get under your contact lenses?
  2. How many times did you have to change the pair of contact lenses because it deteriorated too quickly?

Most of the time, the answers to these questions hide behind the make-up products you use every day or, rather, use them without the necessary attention. 

To get rid of all the medical problems and risks, we have put together a short guide with golden rules for applying and removing makeup like a book if you wear contact lenses.

Golden rules to apply makeup while wearing contact lenses.

  1. Hands should always be clean.

Yes, this is a rule that is followed with holiness when you fix your contact lenses but keeps in mind that applying makeup should involve the same behavior. Therefore, even if you are going to leave the house at lunch or in the evening, wash your hands thoroughly before starting your make-up routine. Also, make sure your hands are completely dry, because "tap water may contain a bacterium called Acanthamoeba, which is dangerous to the eyes," according to ophthalmologist  Susan Resnick of Allure. Secondly, remember always to buy the best brand contact lenses in Pakistan to avoid any eye infection.


  1. Opt for oil-free products

At least for the eye area. Why? Because the oils in care and makeup products can sometimes reach the eyes, going beyond the natural contours of the face. As a comparison, imagine the salad dressing: water and oil do not mix. This is also the case with the beauty ritual - your lenses can attract the oily component of the product's formula. Not only can they degrade, but they even lead to inflammation and irritation.

  1. Keep the conjunctive line intact.

The conjunctiva is, more precisely, a membrane whose role is to secrete lubricants for the tear film, beyond the protective properties against infections. It is also a line that, with make-up, can lengthen or brighten the look. However, if you wear contact lenses, ophthalmologists warn about the vulnerability of this area. As the oily glands of the eyes open there, it is imperative not to block them with makeup. That will only lead to dryness, the dirty lens, or worse, to form a jug. 

  1. Always pay attention to the mascara.

I'm sure you prefer a beneficial mascara that does not leave residue on the eyelids (which can get under the lens) and does not dry out the lashes excessively. But, beyond the quality factor, it also takes into account hygiene. With a liquid formula, mascara can hide bacteria if not changed regularly, every three months. One more thing: pay attention to the brush of the product - you don't want massive, excessively covered lashes, but only volume and elongation, don't you?

  1. Clean contact lenses daily

If you do not prefer everyday models, opt for 2-week lenses, as they are an ideal option from a hygienic point of view. However, every night make sure you clean them properly with the particular solution prescribed by your doctor. In this way, you remove any makeup residue, impurities, etc. And their box must be disinfected every day because it is an environment conducive to the development of bacteria, which will sooner or later reach the eyes.


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