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Why Do People Love Yorkies?

Find out why people love Yorkies

An obvious reason may come to your mind once you see a Yorkie and how cute it is. You are instantly overwhelmed by the cuteness at the mere sight of the Yorkshire terrier. These little things will just crawl into your heart and stay there for the rest of your life. Oblivious of their size, they are pretty little hunters and are quite easy toTrain.


One of the most popular small dog breeds, history has made them exquisite for chasing foxes, rodents, and rabbits, however, over time, they have become loveable little creatures that everybody would love to own. Their first aim was to help the Yorkshire miners hunt mice and rodents in the mines. Nevertheless, this was way back in the 1800s, and with the Victorian age, this little rascal has turned into a fashion detail, which he represents even today. So, what are the reasons we really enjoy them and their company?


Loveable and Friendly


The experts have stated that the Yorkshire terrier is one of the friendliest, non- aggressive, and most playable dog breeds. They easily get attached to their owner, so you better watch out not to leave them one minute alone more than needed. These breeds love to play with their owners and you can easily amuse them with different playful things. Preferably at home, rather than going out, you can spend your lazy days in entirety, playing with your pet dog, as they are pretty energetic, considering that in their DNA, they are hunters.


Easy to Handle


Being that small, Yorkies doesn’t require too much space and can live in a tiny studio apartment, while you are at college, or even work. Although they have long hair, they don’t tend to shed much of their coat. Actually, their hair doesn’t shed more than yours and it is quite easy to clean after them. A decent quality hair remover brush would be just fine. Although small, they are pretty active and demand a roam a day. However, you can walk slowly while your pet is on a leash, and enjoy as well a couple of hours outside. One more reason to love your pet.


Intelligent and Extremely Loyal Creatures


According to experts, Yorkies are one of the smartest dog breeds. They have a memory like an elephant and they use it well. If your daytime job expects you home at a certain hour, your pet Yorkie will quite easily remember that and will be waiting for you for a round of fun and games. You can show him new tricks and tips, which he will easily embrace and stun you the very next moment, showing off what they have just learned. You can see that Yorkies are really intelligent dogs and they will show that to you.

Obedient Yorkie

Brave Little Warriors


Bred for hunting, they have turned into a fashion accessory in the modern age, but their aggressive nature has remained. It is extremely important that you train them in their early stages of life, and show them what they can and mustn’t do. If you don’t act fast they can become very aggressive at a later stage of their life, especially towards other small dogs and while out they can attack other dogs of their size, such as Maltese, among others. Nevertheless, their bravery can come in handy in particular situations, and can even chase away a burglar with their combative and pesky personality.


Fashion Accessory


As it was said before, a Yorkie has come a long way from a mine dog to a fashion icon. Now, everybody would like to own one and be seen with one. There are a lot of different clothes for your favorite pet and you can take him almost everywhere, even to gala nights, if it is trained well. You just want to make sure your Yorkie likes to wear clothes. So, does it? You can dress it up and down, mix different styles, he can ever get into a tuxedo, for that gala-night. Furthermore, their hair is similar to human hair and you can spend days and nights combing hair and discovering new hairstyles that suit your dog the best. They deserve the glamour. Many of the celebrities own a pet Yorkie, including Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, and even Steven Tyler, among many others from the world of glamour. So, why shouldn’t you get one and brag about it to your friends and family? They will love it too. 


Great Empaths


If you come home or awake just feeling a bit under the weather, your dog will recognize it and try to soothe you the best way it knows and can. Your dear pet can understand what you feel and will try to provide sympathy and comfort and share their own joy with you in order to make you happy again. Your pet dog will just gently crawl onto your lap and offer their service to you. This is one more reason to feel undisputed love towards your favorite pet dog.


Great Hunters


Although these little breeds are far more suitable for the city and an apartment, if you live in a house and have a backyard, a Yorkie is a suitable choice, if you don’t want a bigger dog. It can easily chase away and catch mice, rodents, even squirrels. You won’t have problems with those tiny monsters if you have a Yorkie as it won’t settle down until the nasty creature is caught. How not to love it after he gets the unpleasant job done.




The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular small dogs to own, in fact, they are currently in the sixth place in America on the list of the most popular dogs to have as a pet. This speaks very much of them and in a good way. They are quite easy to love, and there is nothing that they could to make you stop loving them. They enjoy cuddling, they are smart, they are extremely easy to have in an apartment, and they can soothe your soul in times of distress. Maybe their over the bar barking might be a problem sometimes, but you can train that too.

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