Different Types and Advantages of Using Contact Lenses

Different Types and Advantages of Using Contact Lenses

Contact lenses, with its medical and cosmetics significance, have become an essential part of the lives of millions of people all around the globe.

About 125 million people use contact lenses on a day to day basis due to its availability in budget prices, thereby gaining importance in the market. In the beginning, contact lenses were used only as medical equipment, as a corrective measure for people with eyesight issues until later when it was used as cosmetic equipment for getting a more radiant eye with different shades. In developed countries like America, Saudi, and  Dubai the inclination of people to lenses over glasses is increasing exponentially, thereby increasing the demand for contact lenses in Dubai and other developed countries tremendously.

Based on the time limit for use, lenses can also be classified into two main groups,

Extended Wear Contact Lenses: These lenses are usually made from silicone hydrogel, and are continuous wear lenses which depending upon professional evaluations can be used from about a week to a month.

Disposable (Replacement Schedule) Contact Lenses: Disposable contact lenses, unlike extended wear contact lenses, are used as a frequent or planned replacement. Extended use of such lenses is not advised as it is best to be disposed of after use, thereby preventing discomfort, dryness, and allergies.

Contact lenses, depending on their materials, are categorized into different types. Some of which include,

Silicone Hydrogel Lenses: These contact lenses are the most popular and comfortable lenses available in the market, made of silicone hydrogel, it helps to keep your eyes refreshed by increasing the supply of oxygen. Most of the good quality colored contact lenses in Dubai belong to this category. 

Soft Lenses: Being one of the easy wear and comfortable lenses available in the market, soft lenses are made of gel-like, water-containing plastics called hydrogels which allow the flow of oxygen to the contact lense. These lenses are very thin and stay in place compared to other types of lenses.

Gas Permeable Lenses: Made of a polymethyl methacrylate, these categories of lenses are rigid and smaller in diameter when compared to soft contact lenses. Gas permeable lenses have an initial adaptation period or the use, after which it gets comfortable for the users.

Pros of Using Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses have a considerable advantage over the traditional glasses in many aspects such as the angle of sight, better eye comfort, a feeling of normality, and a lot more.
  • Freedom for movement provided by contact lenses is one of its biggest perks. They fit into almost every situation, even if it is working in your office, hiking, or even relaxing at a beach.
  • People engaging in sports and other recreational activities usually use contacts, as wearing glasses can turn out to be tedious and exhausting with it slipping down even with the slightest movement of your head thus, the risks related to using lenses are also very less as compared to glasses.
  • The cosmetic superiority of contacts over glasses should be commented on. One wearing contact lenses often appears to be more confident as well as charming compared to those wearing glasses. Contact lenses allow you to maintain or even elevate your natural beauty with different shades of colored contact lenses, which makes it more elegant.

The advancements in technology have made contact lenses more reliable and affordable for the commoners, moreover one can now buy contact lenses online in Dubai from any brand with great ease through different platforms. With the passing time, in the wake of new technology & types of contact lenses will most surely surpass normal glasses in its practicality and reliability.



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