Why should you start using Ecological Stainless Steel Straw instead of Plastic Ones

Why should you start using Ecological Stainless Steel Straw instead of Plastic Ones?

Whether you visit a restaurant, café, or a fast food truck, every time you order a brew, there is a straw that accompanies it and yes it is made of plastic. Have you ever wondered what happens after you have sipped your brew away? Well, that plastic straw is not dumped and gets accumulated in the landfill as it is difficult to decompose.

Plastic straws are injurious to our ecosystem throughout their lifespan, from manufacturing to the disposal of it, they can harm soil, water, and air. Plastic straws are made of non-renewable remnant oil that can kill aquatic life too.

The key to decreasing the implications of the plastic straw is by using stainless steel straws or completely banning the usage of it.

They aren’t just better for our environment. There are many other advantages of using an eco-friendly stainless steel straw. Let us discuss the benefits of using these straws.


Nontoxic and easy to use

A stainless steel straw is sturdy, strong, and durable, which makes it easy and safe to use for consumption. These straws do not stain and are corrosion resistant. They do not break, so you can easily carry them along in your bag while travelling without worrying about damaging them.

They are easy to maintain and sustain

The advantage of the stainless steel straw is that it is easy to clean and sustain. Just like other utensils in your kitchen, you can clean them manually or in the dishwasher. The straw comes with a scrubbing brush that can easily clean the straw without any hassle. A little bit of rinsing and you are good to go.

They are unique and elegant to look at

A stainless steel straw comes with an elegant and unique design that adds an extra charm to your brew. They have a great aesthetic appeal and look awesome with the rest of your cutlery. You can even go for an eco-friendly cutlery set to add some appeal for your next dinner party.   

Easy to carry them around

Stainless steel straws are sturdy and strong, so they do not break or bend easily. These straws can be carried anywhere in any bag. These are best for those who are into sipping a beverage every day like coffee or a smoothie.

They are reusable

Plastics are easy to manufacture as they are made of petrol which is cheap and found abundantly. Thus, there are millions of products that are made of plastic. The plastic straw is even worse, it can be used only once, and then it has to be dumped.

Stainless steel straw can be used again and again, they are durable, last longer and can be easily cleaned and maintained.  

Reduces landfill waste

A major component of landfills is plastic waste. Millions of tones of plastic are used and dumped every day. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to recycle and when it decomposes, it emits toxic chemicals that are released into the soil, water, and air.

Lesser overall costing

Plastic straws are cheaper than stainless steel straws but not if you consider the overall cost of purchasing plastic straws for a year and many such years. Stainless steel straws might be expensive as compared to plastic ones, but they work as a one-time investment. Stainless steel straws can be used again and again for years.

To sum up

Though there are many other substitutes apart from stainless steel straws such as glass and bamboo straw, stainless steel straws are better as glass straws can crack and break, while bamboo straws are difficult to clean and maintain.

The continuous usage of plastic also has ill effects on your health and we already know how harmful they can be to our environment. Stainless steel straw or eco-friendly straw is best for the environment, comes with durability and uniqueness.

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