Numerous benefits of using stainless steel straws

Numerous Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Straws

The best alternative to plastic straw is reusable stainless steel straw, which is environmentally safe and is better in quality as compared to plastic.

With so many issues arising due to the use of plastics, people are now switching to environment-friendly initiatives to reduce the damage to the environment. Many restaurants and cafes have now switched from plastic straws to reusable straws. Plastic can be dangerous for our earth and is difficult to recycle as well since it is made up of non-renewable fossils that can cause pollution and can also affect the marine ecosystem.

The best way to reduce the consumption of plastic straw is completely banning the manufacturing and use of it. The alternative solution to plastic straw is using reusable stainless steel straw, which can be environmentally safe and is better in quality as compared to plastic. Though various alternatives can be used such as glass straws or bamboo straws, yet stainless steel straws are much better in comparison.

Let us discuss various benefits of using a stainless steel straw

Easy to use

Though glass straws look stylish and elegant, they can easily break, which is not safe for children’s use. Likewise, bamboo straws are difficult to clean. This is why stainless steel straws prove to be durable and safe to use. These straws do not rust or break, so while using a steel straw you can be assured of quality sipping of beverages.

They are easy to clean

Cleaning straws is never easy, however, stainless steel straws are easy to clean. These do not require any special cleaning process, just like any other kitchenware you can scrub them or toss them in your dishwasher. You can easily get a cleaning brush, which will make cleaning of straws effortless. So, with a stainless steel straw, you won’t have to worry about maintaining or cleaning it.

They look unique and elegant

Stainless steel straws look elegant and unique. Set these up on your dining table to display a shiny and elegant look. These provide aesthetic appeal and can look amazing while matching with your silverware cutlery.

Easy to carry around

Stainless steel straw has a sturdy structure so they are easy to carry around, this is where glass straw comes with the disadvantage of being fragile, which means it can break easily. If you travel a lot and like to carry a glass of juice or smoothie around, then stainless steel can be your best choice.

Can be reused

Companies manufacturing plastic straws find it easy to make these straws, as it is made with petroleum which comes in abundance. While plastic straws are meant for one-time use only thus proving fatal for the environment since they are thrown away. This is where stainless steel straw can be used, cleaned, and reused again. Reusable and durable, these last longer than plastics and come with a long life if kept cleaned and maintained well.

Creates less wastage

The major component of landfills is plastic. With so much consumption of plastic in the world, only a small percentage of it gets recycled. The rest of the plastic ends up in landfills and oceans. Plastic can take years to decompose while releasing many harmful toxic gases that can harm the land, water, and air. Plastic straws are also a part of these landfills. Thus to reduce this wastage it is always better to use eco friendly straws that are stainless steel straw.

Economic cost

It might seem that plastic straws are cheaper and stainless steel straw may be on the high side but it works as an investment for long term use, while plastic straws are meant for one time use.

In conclusion with

Plastic straws are toxic and can harm the environment. These can have a dangerous impact on air, water, animals, and humans. Stainless steel straw can help in saving the environment by reducing wastage and release of toxins that can affect our health. Take an initiative to only use reusable straws to take care of the earth and mother nature.

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