Hottest summer makeup trends 2021

Hottest summer makeup trends 2021

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A new year with new trends. Summer is coming soon and we are experimenting with new trends for this season. Well! 2021 is going to be great because last year we all were in lockdown and no trend is going on. But in 2021 people are going to fill the space of last year's beauty and makeup trends.

So, let's begin with some new trends this summer from the whole of your heart. If you are getting bored with your quarantine experimenting makeup then you are at the right place. So, here are the hottest and latest makeup trends for the 2021 summer season:

Colorful eyes

Dramatic colorful eyes are going to be a trend this year. In this corona pandemic, we need to wear a mask that covers the mouth. Due to the mask, the whole focus lies on the eyes. That's why people are moving towards more colorful and dramatic eye looks. Different colors of eyeshadow like bright purple and green transform the look. Also, different color of eyeliners and natural eyelashes with mascara is the final version of eye makeup. 

As the temperature increases, eye shadow looks more bright and beautiful. So, having a bright and dramatic eye look is a way to go.

No makeup look

Yes, the no-makeup makeup look will continue in 2021. It is not going anywhere but yes a little update is for sure. Minimal makeup with lightweight base and natural lip gloss or lipstick. This kinda makeup highlights natural skin and is always considered to be great for hot weather and mask-wearing necessity. 

Natural makeup was trending last year and due to wearing masks we need to have less makeup and hot weather destroys the heavy makeup so it is a necessity this year.

Colorful eyeliner

No more black eyeliner this year. Now the days are gone when only black color is preferable as an eyeliner. Apart from popular black, other colors like blue and aqua are going to be on peak. With bold eyeshadow, colorful eyeliner is a way to go for a bright and unique eye look.

This year's focus will be more on eye look due to mask-wearing. And different bold eye shadow with subtle eyeliner looks more amazing and wonderful. If you are not ready to commit to a more bright bold shadow then this is recommended for you.

Rosy pink cheeks

Pink cheeks give a natural and beautiful look. Having a lot of blush and highlighter takes your makeup to an extra level. Rosy pink cheeks with minimal makeup leave a natural and pure makeup look. In summers, classy beaches and bronzy glow are more suitable.

This season is not for heavy makeup with lots of bases. For the perfect glowy look, cover your cheekbones, neck, and collarbone area with light pink blush and highlighter. And you are good to go. Mask wearing changed the way of makeup so this season is for a light and natural look.

Bold lips

Nudes and Brown color shades were capped last year. Now, these colors take the backseat and bold and bright color shades are taking their place. Bold red, pink, and orange are now becoming more popular this summer. And mostly orange color is going to be popular.

Pigmented and stained color is stable and long wear under the mask. Generally, what happens when we are going to wear the lipstick under the mask it stains on the mask and destroys the look so matte lipstick is more considerable in this summer 2021. When it comes to color and texture we all know how stable it is.

Glowy shiny skin

Glowy shiny skin is not for this season but this is the most demanding look for every season. Korean skincare is going to be more expanding on the Indian market and among Indian people. What is better than naturally glowing skin? Wellness is a priority this year and people are going to be more natural and light. So lightweight and natural makeup are going to be on-trend.

This season the more focus is on the beauty from within so try to pamper your skin more and more. Try to eat healthily, drink energy potion, and use minimal makeup. Summer 2021 is all about a natural glow.

Colorful mascara

This is exciting to try out the different makeup experiments and we girls love to do this. Right girls! And this is the best part of 2021. You have seen colorful eyeliner all over the internet but now the unexpected colorful mascara is going to be the summer special.

Bright blue mascara with bold red lipstick is the amazing next-level makeup look. Now, more colors are coming this year, get ready for it. Many celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o give the most dramatic look with bright blue color mascara and this transforms her eye look.

Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner is popular all over the internet. Now, people are experimenting more with the eye look to cover the lower half face due to mask-wearing. Makeup artists are considering more focus on eye look and that's really cool. 

This summer the eyeliner look is going to be sharper and basically 90's classic cat-eye look. Having a bright and dramatic eye makeup look is a way to go for makeup junkies. Whether you have big or small eyes, these eye looks, and bright eye shadow surely gonna suit you.

Bottom line

So, these are the hottest makeup summer trends in 2021. Not only makeup trends but gua sha stone, face roller, hair removers, and T-bars are also going to be popular this year. 

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