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The Summer Essentials You Absolutely Need In Your Wardrobe!

Summer is everyone’s favorite. The sunny days and the balmy evenings, what else is needed in life? Maybe a wardrobe revamp? Here is a little help with that.

Summer is in its throes, with expected temperatures to be around 30⁰C this month; it is not going away anytime soon.

If you ask me, I personally love summer and all that it entails. For a few months each year, we get to have a tan, and the paleness of our skins is forgotten until the next winter.

I am sure it is not just me, who thinks that summer is all about vivaciousness and elation. There isn’t a day in summer when the sun does not peek through and who can be sad on a sunny day. Winters only bring along gloominess, they have a charm of their own, but nothing like summer.

Summers make you start thinking of change; for me, that change was in my home décor. I took out profitable fast loans with no guarantor and revamped my home within a week. I used the term profitable for the loan because I could negotiate the interest and repayments as per my convenience.

Today, I thought of a change for you as well. And that was a change in your wardrobe. I am not going to ask to throw out all of your clothes and start afresh, no, I am just going to tell you some summer essentials to make your clothes have that vivacious summer spark.

The Floral Summer dress

Can you even call a summer wardrobe a summer wardrobe without a dozen summer dresses?

No, you certainly cannot.

A summer dress is a cottony flowy dress that flares out at tour hips and could land mid-thigh, on the knees, mid-calf, or close to the ankles. The summer dress could hug your curves or it could not, usually; it doesn’t. Summers are hot, and body-hugging clothes would only make you feel the heat more.

As for the prints, when we imagine summer, every image that comes to our minds is filled with flowers. So, wearing a summer dress with a floral print is just mandatory. Just wearing one would add an extra pep in your step. I guarantee that.

The White Linens

If denim were meant for the cold-cold winters, linens were meant for the hot-hot summers. We all know that summers can be very tough to endure. The heatwave may just drench you in sweat, and nobody likes that.

So, linens come as your solution. Linen is a fabric that is made from the fibers present in the flax plant. It is quite sturdy and absorbs much more rapidly than the cotton fabric would. Consequently, it is ideal for summers.

You can buy linen pants, line shorts, shirts or dresses, the options are innumerable. Linen is usually available in pastel colors, but it is most appreciable in white, also because white absorbs the least heat.

The Flip-flops

Moving from the clothes to the shoes, well not technically shoes, but you get what I mean.

We certainly cannot wear combat boots in the summer; I mean, you can if you want to, but they would only make your feet sweat like buckets load of sweat to create a puddle in the expensive combats.

So, what is the alternative?


Yes, you read it right. Summer is all about the relaxed vibe and what is more relaxed than a pair of flip-flops. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they come in innumerable designs.

If you want flowers and bows on your feet, you will have them.

If you want sparkles and glitter on your feet, you can have them.

If you have suede or you want the bamboo, you just have to ask.

Flip-flops will provide anything and everything you want, be it a flat sole or a heeled one.

The Gigantic Shades

Summer means the sun and the harsh light. Although I do not mind being out and about in the sun, I certainly do not like squinting. And that is bound to happen when you do not wear sunglasses.

Be on a visit to the supermarket or a picnic at the park; sunglasses become a necessity. And the fact that they look really good and amp up the wearer’s fashion quotient is just an added bonus.

You can buy the really economical version of shades from Amazon with a just a few quid;

Or you can go high-end and empty your wallets to buy a pair of luxurious and super expensive ones.

I personally feel that shades are the first thing anyone notices on your face, so they need to be good. This summer, I bought two really expensive pairs;

One was the Bvlgari Serpenti Sunglasses, prices at £315;

And the second was the Tom Ford Polarized Laurent Sunglasses, priced at £395;

I had to take on a one month credit from a one loans to pay for them, no regrets, though.

The Wicker Bag

Summers and leather do not get along very well. So, what does one do about the bag situation? If you have cloth bags in mind, I just feel that they are too sturdy, and this year around a new trend has emerged that might be the perfect summer solution for a bag.

These are the wicker bags.

You must be familiar with the wicker basket; my mother had a few in my childhood. And I used to love them.

Wicker is basically a method of weaving plant materials together to make a product, it could be baskets, chairs, lamps, or even bags, as I have mentioned. Wicker usually only comes in the shades of brown, tan being the most common.

Tan is one color that can accompany any and all of your wardrobe choices and not look gaudy or mismatched.

The wicker bags are extremely sturdy and can carry as much stuff as you want them too. They come in varying shapes and sizes, from tiny slings to giant totes. The one that I own is from H&M, however, I do love a number of them that are available on Amazon. You can have a look for your choice.

So, there you have it, all the five essentials you need to get through the summer like a fashionista.

PS: Do not forget to mask up; you can also get a mask matching your outfit.

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