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Valentine week 2021- Celebrate each day with Faridabad Cake

Celebrate valentine week with Faridabad cake shop surprise your girlfriend and enjoy valentine with yummy cakes Faridabad Valentine Day Cake offers special cake combo offers which deliver flowers with your cake, chocolates, gifts all at one place at a reasonable price.

Valentine week 2021- Celebrate each day with Faridabad Cake

Thinking of celebrating this Valentine's week in an almost memorable way, here are the tips to do that.

Rose day


Flowers are always a  symbol of passion and love which can be a, finest start for each Valentine's week. So get a  bouquet of flowers for making make your Valentine feel greater than the moon. If you are fully tight on your budget gifts, gifting a single red  rose even make your people your loved ones feel great. If you are thinking of planning a hint that you have met, or thinking of surprising your Valentine with a best gesture, this can be the best day for that. Faridabad Valentine Day Cake offers special cake combo offers which deliver flowers with your cake, chocolates, gifts all at one place at a reasonable price.

Propose Day 

On a proposed day, plan to take your celebrations to another level by proposing your special one that can be the best day for embarking your path of togetherness.  If you think that's too fast then plan a  screening of your loved one favorite movie or eat something you love. Are you married or something she/he loves.

Chocolate Day 

Everyone loves chocolate but don't think you can plan this day without any hassle. It can be if you preferred the best delivery service.


Gift your valentine best  chocolate cake or even a box of chocolates by a handwritten love letter specially for your partner. If you like to make this day more special bake a chocolate cake together and also paint yourselves with rich chocolate.  If you can't do it don't worry Faridabadcake offers a wide range of chocolate cakes, designer and heat shaped chocolate cakes where you can personalize them too. 

Teddy Day

So here come the teddy day that is fourth day of the this Valentine's week that is  celebrated happily  by gifting your loved ones a cute teddy bear. Here the main suggestion is to gift your partner a cute plush teddy bear or any other toy. If you are thinking of giving more than a teddy bear, Faridabad Cake offers special cake combos that offer cakes, flowers, chocolates along with soft teddy bear toys.  


Promise day


 Promises are never meant to be crushed, yet we most  don't care about this. Promises are made within the couples are special  to maintain the fire of  romance and love aroused within them can satisfy their promises. No one will say that your promises  need to be very high; even little promises like " I will make you smile forever" can be enough. On this  day of the 2021 Valentine week offer your special  a box full of care packages or something and surprise her/him along with small, romantic promises that are meant to be forever. You can also make your  promises written over a  mug or on a cushion for  reminding you of the promises that you made.

Hug Day

Hugging is the best way to say, how much does the loved one mean to you. On this day, give your special one a light and  warm hug that gives instant comfort to your Valentine to make them feel comforted. Hug is a manner of affection that symbolizes your warmth in your bond. So, celebrate this bond of togetherness along with your loved one on this Hug Day by taking them in your lovable arms for the whole day..

Kiss Day

It can be a soft kiss on your  forehead or pampering your partner all day around can make him/her more bright. You aren't required  a whole day for conveying your love by a kiss for your loved ones. But it can be nice to keep kissing them. These little and lovely 

 gestures stimulate the spark in your bond which strengthen it ever.

Valentine's day

Finally, the final and most favorite day which definitely needs to be perfect. As you already planned the whole week perfectly with a good tone then  you just need to seal thus Valentine's Day by a  perfect gesture. Don't freak out to make everything right. Collect your couples photos or  make a small video which has your Valentine desired song over the background. Dance or sing and write a poem about them. Even arrange a good candlelight dinner at your home or at a restaurant.   Walk with them in nature or play a sport, exercise and do everything you like to do.


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