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Personal vs Wall or Floor-standing Hand Sanitisers

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The current pandemic and imminent flu season approaching are producing a dangerous situation for the workplace.


A new recession and volatile economy are persuading many employers to re-open in-house operations to guarantee strong productivity across their whole workforce.


Sanitation in professional vicinities already causes a major headache for many companies.


Many businesses will be looking to address already questionable workplace hygiene statistics. Employees are searching for long-term solutions to maintain standards post-COVID.


Currently, no laws require employers to provide personal hand sanitiser station equipment. However, many companies aiming to re-open their workplaces as soon as possible are searching to improve workplace morale by providing staff with practical sanitation facilities.

Personal hand sanitiser station have been considered by many. Some companies have slowly adopted them into standard company health and safety code and conduct policy.


The cost-benefit analysis (CBA) shows that in the long term, personal hand sanitiser station offer little benefit to companies that use them.


Fixed hand sanitiser dispensers offer a feasible solution that serves a workplace better.


HandStation is one sanitation provider many employers turn to for hygiene and sanitation solutions for their companies.


You can also benefit from their services.




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Many companies are witnessing an influx of employees returning to the workplace.


With no viable widespread COVID vaccine yet available, maintain hygiene standards and prevent shutting down in-house operations is a huge challenge many companies are still tasked with.


One positive outcome is employers have already beginning to question current hygiene standards and how to improve post-COVID.


Sanitation is necessary to continue in-house operations. But which option is best.


Troubling statistics show less than 84% of UK office staff thoroughly hand wash after using a bathroom or WC. In reality, it's around half.


And what makes this office hygiene data even worse, 33% of individuals surveyed said they bring their smartphone with them to the washroom at work. 12% said they bring food or drink with them into the WC. And if they are in a rush, 37% admitted to not washing their hands.


In cafeterias, food courts, and break areas, employees often forget to sanitise their hands before eating as well after. This fact is expected to rise as businesses push to increase their workload to compensate for many months of in-house operations shut down.


Some employers often question whether supplying staff members with individual hand sanitisers is s feasible solution.Sanitizing, Cleaning, Hands, Washing


Some companies have slowly adopted them into standard company health and safety code and conduct policy. Soon after, they have distributed personal hand sanitisers around the workplace on a trial basis.


The cost-benefit analysis (CBA) data they obtained made for grim reading. It showed that long term, personal hand sanitisers offer little benefit to their workforce.


For most companies, with a regular circulation of weekday staff, handing out individual hand sanitisers to every employee is expensive. And due to busy workloads, they do not guarantee widespread sanitation across the workplace.


As mentioned earlier, many employees focused on their workload, forget to use hand sanitiser dispensers or wash their hands after simple trips to the WC or cafeteria and break areas. There is a high chance of employees forgetting to bring their small personal hand sanitiser wherever they are in the workplace vicinity.



The type of hand sanitiser you supply also doesn't guarantee adequate protection against disease and spreading infection.

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Standard alcohol-based hand sanitiser gels need to have an alcohol content that covers the 60-95% mark to kill viruses such as COVID-19 and avert spreading.


And not all your staff will be able to use alcohol-based hand sanitiser gels. Some with more sensitive skin will need alcohol-free hand sanitisers for personal use.


Alcohol-free hand sanitisers usually dispense a foam. Sometimes, the solution comes in liquid form. The chemicals used in the construction are lighter and don't dry out the skin as much as alcohol-based types. The trade-off is alcohol-free sanitiser does kill germs eventually but takes longer to take effect.


Eventually, the amount of time required to monitor this area of hygiene and sanitation management will cost your company valuable time.


In this current COVID climate and increasing recession, most companies are having to tighten their spending habits as much as possible.



Fixed Hand Sanitiser Dispensers


Many companies across the country are using fixed hand sanitisers in their battle against harmful COVID and seasonal flu germs spreading in their workplace.


Many report how fixed hand sanitisers have assisted them in avoiding slowing productivity.


Your company could benefit from this too.


Three types of fixed hand sanitiser dispensers are available to you.


  • Wall-mounted sanitiser dispensers can be fixed to a wall or solid surface in a workplace washroom, foyer, or hallway.
  • Free-standing sanitiser dispensers are very versatile. A single-pole connects the dispenser to a base attached at the bottom. Thanks to the portability, you can move a free-standing sanitiser dispenser to different areas in your workplace should the need occur.
  • Desktop sanitiser dispensers are convenient little gadgets. They don't take much room up on a desktop surface. And because they take less room than other dispensers, you can place them in multiple areas and departments in your workplace. Desktop sanitisers in the long-term cost less than supplying every single team member with a personal hand sanitiser.



At HandStations, we can provide your whole workspace with suitable automatic hand sanitiser dispensers in various spots. Both battery-operated or more eco-friendly sensor powered.


In our range, we have wall mounted automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and refill options for alcohol-based and alcohol-free solutions.


The HandStation Eco Wall Mounted Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitiser System Gel Dispenser is a perfect addition for lavatories and WC. Packaged with 4x AA batteries and infrared sensors that can pick up on the smallest movement. For staff on-the-go, this is a perfect assistant.


Many desktop/table-standing automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are used for a basic reception desk or tabletop applications.


Our in-demand HandStation Elite Desktop Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitiser System Gel Dispenser is one of the most versatile dispensers of its kind. It comes with a stylish design that will complement any sophisticated aesthetic. With the stable stand, the Elite Desktop Automatic will stay perfectly still and persistent without fail. 


Our floor-standing options can offer fast and reliable sanitation in a workplace entrance, foyer or hallway.


HandStation' Eco-Floor Standing Automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitiser System provides that possibility. It is streamlined, refined, and light enough to re-position where you need it best.



Final Thoughts


Depending on how often you have employees moving around should lead your choice of fixed hand sanitiser dispenser.


The amount of staff entering or leaving the vicinity each workday and employees supervising projects off sight should also lead your final decision.


To save on time and financial resources, the majority of companies would fair better from incorporating fixed hand sanitiser dispensers than distributing personal hand sanitisers to every member of staff.

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We strongly recommend you incorporate various fixed hand sanitiser dispensers to scathe off the threat of shutting your in-house operations down.


Here at HandStation, we have an extensive range of automatic wall mountable and free-standing hand sanitiser dispensers.


We also provide our own alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel and alcohol-free hand sanitising foam from Nilaqua to help you achieve strong hygiene and sanitation standards.


Visit us today to find out more.

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