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Portable mini projectors for your office presentation and meetings

Mini projectors are your best friend if you’re an office person who is generally stuck between meetings and presentations. This device provides stunning picture quality and is easy to carry around.

Are you an office person who is frequently struggling between presentations and meetings? Mini projectors got your back. It is designed to make your work easy and effective. These projectors have evolved a lot over some time. The models that we work on today are much more advanced than yesteryear’s projectors. These projectors can handle a wide variety of content including, movies, pictures, and other multimedia content. However, they have become much more compact and advanced. 

The basic functions of any projector including its battery life, laser, LED source, combiner optic, and scanning mirror are all embedded. After thorough research, we have come with a list of some of the best portable projectors which would be the best for you- 

Apeman Mini portable projector 

The Apeman mini projector is a small lightweight projector that is convenient to carry around. This is an ideal projector for watching movies and playing games. The projector offers good output even in the darkest settings. It comes with an embedded 3400mAh battery and it can be used as a power bank for your other devices such as mobile devices. It is equipped with 854*480 resolution, the portable device acts on DLP technology offers clear and crisp picture quality. 

LG Minibeam Projector 

LG is the other known for great performance and satisfaction for consumers. That is the reason LG mini beam managed to make a place for itself in the list. LG mini beam featured in an inbuilt mirroring function and it will give you an option for connecting to a smartphone or tablet for projection. 

It comes with a USB port through which all the digital content including movies, pictures can be conveniently projected.  Additionally, it has some other features such as Bluetooth streaming and high contrast ratio. This is the handheld projector leave another mid-range portable projector. 

Epson EB-S41

It an ideal projector for meetings and presentations, it is a multi-functional projector which is loaded with some amazing features. This device is perfect for projecting some life-like pictures, presentations, and amazing colors. This portable projector white and colored brightness 3300lm, high resolution and contrast ratio of 15000:1 and 10,000 lamp life for eight hours in eco mode. The EB-S41 is a very small and lightweight projector that is easy to carry around especially on business trips. 

Sony MP-CDI mobile projector 

This projector is also known as ‘the go-anywhere pocket projector’. It is perfectly compact and considerably bright. It consists of a quick boot and power bank functions. It is simply designed to connect devices to this projector so that you could enjoy home cinema and easy presentations.

Sony MP-CDI mobile projector has a powerful punch of ANSI 105 lumens for bright and nice pictures. This device is great for media streaming dongles, gaming consoles, mobile phones, and laptops. For business presentations, parties, and outdoor events, the MP-CDI is the projector you always wanted. 

Cube Rif6 mini projector 

Generally in life, big surprises come in the form of small packets and Cube Rif6 is the best example of that.  This projector is 1.9 inches in size and it weighs around 5 ounces which could slip into your bag easily. On one side it has a USB Micro-B port for charging, a power button, and a headphone jack. It also has a micro slot for an SD card a small HDMI port and a tiny focus wheel. Cube is designed to enhance mobile experiences. 

These were some of the best mini projectors which would be the perfect option for your cinematic and gaming experience.

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