PoSH Compliance: Protection for women under POSH law

PoSH Compliance: Protection for Women Under PoSH Law

Workplace sexual harassment has been a major menace to women working throughout the world. In a developing nation like India where the employment rate of women has been lower traditionally, sexual harassment at the workplace has acted as a major deterrent to more women joining the workforce. Even after the introduction of PoSH law in 2013, the cases of sexual harassment have kept on rising significantly. On one hand, this indicates that more and more women are coming out against harassment but it also shows that the law has not put fear in the minds of sexual predators at the office. 

We reside in an era where workplaces accept female employees but don’t always provide a guarantee to a harassment-free environment. Sexual harassment has been a harsh reality for companies around the world for many years. And not much had changed until last year. With the #MeToo movement within the west, many girls finally voiced their experiences about the presence of harassment in their respective workplaces. This very movement encouraged female employees in India to stand up and fight for themselves.

In the past, employees were afraid to face up against harassment thanks to the shortage of data about their rights and legal aid. But the govt soon realized the necessity for law in situ to form workplaces safe which cause the formation of the PoSH law

How Does the PoSH law Protect Employees?

The PoSH law was enforced in 2013 to guard women within the workplace and help in providing a secure and secure working environment for each employee. But employees were still unaware of their rights. Later, the law made it mandatory for each organization to conduct PoSH awareness training to teach employees and stop the harassment.

The law understood that harassment is usually difficult to spot thanks to its nature. This is why the law laid down clear guidelines about what amounts to harassment and what doesn't.

According to the PoSH law, ‘Sexual Harassment’ includes unwelcome sexual behavior, whether directly or by implication, such as :

  • Physical contact and advances
  • Demand or request for sexual favors
  • Making sexually colored remarks
  • Showing pornography

Effects of Harassment

When permitted to persevere, harassment has unfriendly effects on the psychological prosperity and commitment of women and therefore the quality of their work. Working environment harassment is so normal. It can demolish an unprecedented activity and transform a corporation into a dangerous and inefficient condition. harassment within the activity condition still can’t seem to blur before.

On the off chance, if someone is simply experiencing harassment at work, they’re likely to be overpowered and apprehensive. Aside from harassment happening within the working environment, it may likewise occur during a work meeting too. In general, most individuals guarantee that they were uninformed that what they have done comprises sexual harassment in the workplace. Harassment isn’t just destructive; it’s exorbitant. Harassment mustn’t generally be explicitly about sexual conduct or coordinated at a selected person, it can happen in an assortment of conditions. Encountering harassment is among the foremost inconvenient circumstances somebody can check out work.

Indeed, even on occasions where there is an external meeting with a client or merchant; the business must verify their representatives to understand their background. It's an element that will decrease the danger of working environment brutality and must be expeditiously and enough attended. Harassment doesn’t need to be purposeful to be viewed as an illegal act. It makes a harmful working environment culture that damages everybody engaged together with your business.

A subtopic inside the monstrous domain of labor environment directs where there’s a direness to eliminate our blinders and refocus on harassment at work. The advantage of preparing on anticipation goes past the necessity for consistency and urgency to keep a respectful and profitable working climate. There’s a pointy spotlight on the utilization of non-divulgence understandings (NDAs) in occurrences of supposed harassment or separation, and an administration interview on the difficulty is probably going in 2019.

Responsibility of Employers

There are numerous means businesses should fancy ensure consistency with the PoSH law. The business doesn’t need to guarantee the entire nonappearance of mental harassment inside her working environment, however, she should make a move to evade harassment and resolve issue conditions. it's plausible that numerous businesses will just get to specialize in preparing recently employed or advanced directors. The working environment isn’t a neighborhood for unrefined jokes. No work environment is invulnerable to harassment, and therefore the insufficiency of detailed cases doesn’t show they need not happened. Before distinguishing the way to affect harassment at work, it’s basic to understand exactly what it is.

What is the Extent of the PoSH Law?

The law made it mandatory for any organization with 10 (or more) employees to constitute an indoor Committee to handle and investigate harassment within the organization. The law also made it mandatory for organizations to conduct PoSH awareness training among its employee to stop any incidence of harassment. The organization could also take the way to avail training related to PoSH law and gender sensitization for all employees. This will ensure that all the employees are aware of how to behave in the office or any other designated workplace under the PoSH ACT to promote a safe and neutral workplace. Even the company’s management can take small cues from PoSH trainers to understand the redressal of cases of sexual harassment and how to set up an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC). This will also aware the female workforce of their rights under the PoSH act. 

Hiring a good law firm with excellent training experience can go a long way in ensuring workplace safety for organizations. These firms have experience in creating a good complaint redressal system for companies and also help in the establishment of a complaints committee. Hiring an external member to the committee which has been made mandatory in the law can also be handled well by legal consultancies as they have professionals who can take up this task. So, contact your nearest law firm today and become PoSH compliant

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