Liquid Flow Meter-8000XHT Extreme – Temperature Flow Meters

8000XHT series- Liquid Flow Meter-8000XHT Extreme – Temperature Flow Meters

Liquid Flow Meter-8000XHT Extreme – Temperature Flow Meters

8000XHT series gives accurate, reliable, and cost-effective measurements of heat transfer of liquids. This series is important in measuring the flow of liquids because it is reliable. It also measures temperatures for important heat-sensitive processes. Proteus experts enhanced this meter to give these reliable flow and temperature measurements.

Feature of 8000XHT Series

8000xht has the following features. These features make it unique and enable it to determine the flow of liquids and temperatures. The following are some features of the 8000xht series;

· The flow measurement of these meters ranges from 0.95 to 60 LPM. When selecting it, make sure the flow ranges from the above figures.

· 8000xht series have an accuracy of three percent. With good maintenance and calibration, you can increase the accuracy of the flow.

· Other than flow measurement, the 8000xht can determine temperatures for heat sensitive products. The temperature measurement should be negative 60 and above with a Pt1000 RTD sensor.

· The meter is compatible with many new heat-transfer liquids. These include Golden, fluorinert, and more.

· The 8000xht series have improved accuracy and stability. This stability comes from digital signal processing.

· It has a programmed relay trip point.

· The make for this meter is rugged stainless steel.

· You can get a specialized calibration for this meter if it is affected by the liquid's thickness or the working temperature. Traceable calibrations are also available.

· 8000xht is well packaged and will work well in a wet environment.

The Working Principle of 8000XHT Series

The 8000xht series works so that when the fluid passes through a flowmeter, the rotor rotates. The magnets which are fixed in the rotor will then transfer pulses. These pass through two flux concentrators to change two hall-effects that are put on the main electronic board.

A microcomputer and a scaling factor determine the speed of the rotor. It then enables the calculation of the volumetric flow as well. This meter also has a built-in relay that is arranged to change start. The change of state happens when the calculated flow rate drops below a preset alarm value. A bright three-colored LED will show the flow status.

The alarm trip point is set to give accuracy and protect the meter from unwanted tampering. When you order the 8000xht series, make sure you request a tailored trip point setting as well. It should be 25% of the upper flow limit of the liquids.

Cost-Effective Temperature Measurement

8000xht is cheap to use. The reason is that the meter can determine the flow of liquids and temperatures with one device. This device will need only one connection point in your pipe. You can also insert an optional pt1000 detector so that you can get direct measurements.

Uniquely Designed for High Temperatures

Reliable measurements in high-temperature applications need proper cooling of the sensitive parts of electronics that are inside a flow meter. Proper cooling is achieved by thermally removing the electronics made from the flow channel. It will then enable natural cooling in the air.

Certified Calibration Help You to Control Important Processes

The thickness of the fluid depends on its temperature. When the temperature of the fluid increases, its thickness decreases, and vice versa.

Flow Ranges, Connections, and Model Numbers

When choosing a flow meter, the flow range should be about 50-60% of the meter's upper flow limit. To get more flow ranges, you can customize your meter. The 8000xht series are essential inflow measurements and temperature. If, in any case, you need help in the selection of the meter, make sure to consult the experts. They will be trained on all that you need to know about these meters.


8000XHT series models are available in the market. These meters will help you in your industrial applications. They are also cheap and easy to maintain. Always research on the type of series that you want and also consult the manufactures like proteus industries. They will guide you on the right meter.

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