Bucket List Ideas for Best Friends: The Complete Guide

Bucket List Ideas for Best Friends

Bucket List Ideas for Best Friends: The Complete Guide

You and your best friend have likely been through a lot together. Late night parties, relationship breakups, new jobs, moving homes – nearly everything imaginable. But have you and your BFF ever sat down together and created an amazing bucket list that includes the ideas you’ve never done before? You know, the stuff you’ve been dreaming about since you were kids?

If you’re still yet to do this, it’s time to Facetime each other immediately and get to work on creating an awesome besties bucket list. To help you out, here are some of the best ideas for you to try.

  1. Have a board game evening

There aren’t many activities better than closing the curtains and playing different board games all evening.

It’sa lot of fun – plus, you’ll be able to chat and joke away while you play. You can even stream a movie or music in the background to make the occasion more wholesome.

These days, there are a ton of board games to choose from. You and your best friend should choose board games that are high-quality and luxury – topped off with amazing materials and equipment. Check out Aurosi to start your board game journey.

  1. Take a gap year together

If you and your bestie have been studying or working for most of your lives, it’s time to give yourselves a well-earned break by going on a gap year together abroad!

You’ll be able to travel wherever you like (providing there are no complications with lockdowns and restrictions), as most countries have very affordable Airbnb options, as well as hotels and hostels. Whether it’s Spain, Asia, or France, the world truly is your oyster.

Remember, though, you’ll need to save a reasonable amount of money before you go ahead with everything. However, you could be smart and work whilst you’re traveling. For example, lots of people on gap years teach English as a second language to make some extra money. It’s worth considering!

  1. Road trip!

If you aren’t ready for a gap year, you can simply go on an epic road trip together. All you need to do is decide the location and who’s driving.

  1. Go for a spa day

No best friends are truly best friends until they’ve been on a spa day together. It’s a great bonding experience, as you get to sit back, relax, and lose yourself in the pampering. You’ll probably enjoy it so much that you decide to make spa days a monthly occurrence.

  1. Binge watch an entire series

Binge watching Netflix is the ultimate source for comfort and fun.

So, after a long year, it’s only right that you agree on a series that you’d like to binge watch together, whether it’s comedy or a serious drama. Here are some suggestions.

Then, at the weekend, one of you should head round to the other’s home, make some drinks, cover yourselves in a giant blanket, and let the magic of your chosen series unfold. If you’re feeling super crazy, you might be able to watch the entire series in one day.


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