Things to know before starting architecture school


Things to know before starting architecture school

Which can only come from students' passion for the theme and encourage them to become a part of Vancouver home builders. The school of architecture is not even more of a scientific than any other college or university program, and is very high, but it requires a lot of time and break.

Tips for entering school architecture

For more construction in schools, there is no need that a study steroid extension mathematics and science articles through advanced technology in the studio; Buildings are freer and less direct. So when you like creative themes and create a portfolio to showcase your painting, production and design skills. This is the search, passion and creativity of school architecture. They do not want to use your mathematical and physical capabilities to assess the depth and size of the steel. Although this is your interest, though, great, mathematics and physics are still very relevant. This is not the only way to study architectural education. Understanding the structure of Vancouver home builders is a part of cooperation with professionals who specialize in the field in practical terms. Lastly, leave your portfolio on paper, create and exhibit your modeling skills.

Architect students should know

Back up your work

It's easy to forget, but the most important thing is to back up your work, if you can, take external hard drives to learn this at the end of the day and copy files.

Making a prototypical

They do not reduce the power of the model, they are very appealing, and they are generally very good in defining solutions compared to the picture. Try different materials, textures and modes; do not stick to white card models.

Free to create and use

Architectural schools may be one of the most creative and independent thinking opportunities in your history. So try and try everything. You will get the resources and knowledge of the resources, use it and absorb it.


Outside the internal and school buildings, architecture is very powerful and do not miss when you find yourself struggling. A good architect learns and runs

Working in the studio

One of the most ingredients you can do as a student is to work in the studio with others. From work perspective, nothing from the studio environment, and more importantly, socially. Each of the studios is working towards the same purpose, awareness of each other and as much as you can. It will strengthen your work.


How successful in a building school, lives and lives.


Lastly, you get freedom to learn freely, you can choose to take lectures, seminars and lessons. Obviously, if your presence is more than your existence, it will cause an alarm and it will not be easy. However, it is easy to miss direct results without an extraordinary one or two days, it is not necessary to try to do so.

Healthy diet

For most students, colleges and universities are the first time they want to leave themselves home and cook themselves, and it is not easy to eat properly. Try to survive on tested and energy drinks. Eat well and you will find that you work better.

Socialism outside the building

One outstanding building is one of the biggest tricks in the building, to join sports or amateur clubs and to keep in touch with other interests, if you do not, please find something.

Journal membership

Subscriptions of an organizations and / or online journalists are the best way to stay in touch with your industry, and not only keep current with current design trends, but also keep up with new and revised laws and regulations.

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