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Presentation of the host Dhaka colo

1 & 1 Dhaka colo no longer presents itself: it is the leader in accommodation in Europe and occupies one of the very top ranks in the world. Firmly established in France, the German group founded more than 30 years ago is a true accommodation juggernaut.

Its figures make you dizzy: 12 million domain names hosted, 8 million customer contracts served by 2,000 employees of 40 nationalities. In terms of infrastructure, more than 90,000 servers are operating in the 10 datacentre in Dhaka Bangladesh, all ISO 27001 certified.

The catalogue of 1 & 1 Dhaka colo is commensurate with the size of the company: gigantic. Let's go around quickly:
•    Domain names, e-mails and security: 1 & 1 Dhaka colo is a partner of choice for the purchase of a domain name, with hundreds of extensions available at very competitive prices. You can, of course, associate a messaging offer with it.
•    Hosting, which includes web hosting which we will detail, as well as other more complex offers (cloud service provider in Bangladesh, dedicated hosting) aimed mainly at a very informed public.
•    Internet sites, blog & e-commerce: 1 & 1 Dhaka colo offers application solutions that meet the needs of website creation. Among them, we will retain in this review the WordPress hosting solutions that we will detail below.
•    Marketing & Advertising: With a partnership with rankingCoach, 1 & 1 It also offers support solutions in terms of SEO. These offers can be subscribed in addition to accommodation to work on your visibility.
•    Servers & Cloud Infrastructure: these are offers for companies with the budget and the human resources that go with them.

Web hosting


First of all, small precision of importance compared to the type of web hosting: Linux hosting or Windows hosting. You will see that 1 & 1 offers both. By default, it is Linux hosting. This should not scare you in any way: all hosts use Linux, it is the operating system that runs web servers, which has no importance or impact on you and your website. Do not choose Windows hosting because your PC is running Windows! Windows hosting is intended for very specific cases of applications that use technologies specific to Microsoft.
Web hosting by 1 & 1 this is available in 3 offers: Essential, Pro and Expert. Let's see what it turns out:
•    Essential: this entry-level offer entitles you to 100 GB of disk space, 1 domain name and 10 mailboxes. It is sufficient to start an activity and host 1 single site.
•    Pro: you go to 250 GB of web space, 100 mailboxes and get better performance. We will tell you more about the performance below.
•    Expert: 500 GB of space, even increased performance (notable thanks to access to the CDN Cloudflare network), and malware detection by SiteLock.
It should be noted that the 3 offers allow, in theory, to host as many sites as you wish. However, performance may limit you and force you to choose the superior formula.
All 1 & 1 Dhaka colo accommodations benefit from high availability: geo-redundant connectivity, protection against DDoS attacks, daily backup of webspace. Too bad, however, that this automatic backup system has not been extended to databases. You must, therefore, organize your backup of them by following the documentation provided.
Also, more than 70 applications can be installed in 1 click, including the most popular (WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal, etc.).
Of course, the hosting remains manageable through secure FTP access (SFTP): 10 accesses are provided from the Essential offer.

1 & 1 Dhaka colo is not stingy with features and the offers are very rich. Zoom on some remarkable features:
•    CDN with Railgun: available on the Expert offer, and optional on the others, 1 & 1 It has partnered with Cloudflare to offer its customers access to its CDN. A CDN allows you to store your static files, for example, your images, on several servers around the world. When a user wishes to access the image, the geographically closest server will respond. The benefit is twofold: faster display time for him and fewer resources consumed for your web hosting.
•    Wildcard SSL certificate: included on all 1 & 1 Dhaka colo hosting offers, the Wildcard SSL certificate secures your entire domain, i.e. subdomains included. Thus, all the URL addresses that you could create will be secured in HTTPS.
•    SiteLock: available on the Expert offer, and optional on the others, SiteLock analyzes your website daily to effectively detect security breaches and possible threats. It is a precious tool that allows you to prevent rather than cure by avoiding any malicious activity on your site (defacing, data theft, spam ...). It also allows you to integrate the security label into your website to indicate that your site has been analyzed and does not present a vulnerability, which is likely to build the confidence of your visitors.
•    Git and SSH: the most informed users will appreciate the presence of the version manager Git, and that of an SSH shell access for more practical management of its web space and its applications.
•    Programming environment: developers will be satisfied with support for Perl, Python, Ruby, and of course PHP, the version of which is manually adjustable. Note also the pre-installation of Zend Framework, or the possibility of scheduling con tasks.

Accommodation rates

1 & 1 Dhaka colo wants to convince you and puts the resources into it. As a special offer for all new customers, they offer hosting at € 1 per month before tax for 6 months for the Essential and Expert offers, and € 1 per month for 12 months for the Pro offer. Suffice to say that the Pro offer, at this price, actually makes you want to try.


The performance of web hosting has a direct impact on the proper functioning and response times of your site. An underperforming host has every chance of losing its customers. 1 & 1 Dhaka colo understood this well and imagined a performance level mechanism to meet the needs of all websites. Explanations.

Each level is associated with:
•    RAM: this is the maximum amount of RAM that can be used simultaneously by PHP processes. All the memory that your site can consume (excluding databases).
•    Processes per minute: this value indicates how many PHP processes can be processed on average per minute without waiting times or without processes having to be stopped because of an execution timeout. This, therefore, gives you an idea of the number of page views per minute that your site can collect, since, on each page view, there will be a PHP process executed.
•    Memory limit: maximum memory that can be used by each PHP process.
How to interpret this data? If you are not a computer scientist, simply refer to the site profiles cited by 1 & 1 Dhaka colo on this image and see which scenario you are in. Level 1 performance should be sufficient in most cases. If in doubt, choose level 2 and be quiet. Levels 3 and above should only be necessary in very specific cases.
But back to our sheep: what is the link between our 3 accommodation offers and performance levels? The following image will enlighten you:
•    Essential offer: there is no associated performance level. We could say that it is level 0. You can consume up to 512 MB of RAM, but this is relatively little. Besides, no indication is given of the load capacity (process per minute). In other words, don't expect extraordinary performance. However, a performance level can be ordered as an option.
•    Pro offer: performance level 1 is associated by default. Either 2.5 GB of RAM and 300 processes per minute (5 per second), enough to host an application like WordPress or any dynamic site in very good conditions. If necessary, it is possible to order a higher level of service without changing the offer.
•    Expert offer: performance level 2 is associated by default. Or 6 GB of RAM and 600 processes per minute (10 per second). You can, therefore, host a very popular site or a particularly heavy application like Magento. If you need even more power, you can, of course, go for a higher level of performance.


First of all, to avoid any confusion, the 1 & 1 Dhaka colo hosting offers are ALL compatible with WordPress. This means that you can easily deploy WordPress regardless of the hosting offer, manually by FTP or using the 1 & 1 Dhaka colo application installer.
With this in mind, 1 & 1 Dhaka colo has created a variant of its web hosting range, entitled "Managed WordPress hosting". Please note that the offers have the same name (Essential, Pro, Expert) which can confuse.


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