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What is the difference between web hosting offers?

Be careful, behind an apparent similarity, hide some marked differences. In reality, these are no longer all the same offers or even web hosting offers. Besides, they are in the "Websites & rb_blog" section.

 These are indeed assisted website creation offers. In other words, you will not have FTP access or any of the features specific to managing web hosting.  Dhaka Colo has designed a specialized hosting platform for WordPress, but the downside is that you are forced to use the only WordPress. You will not be able to change the application or install a second site that does not use WordPress.
If you are aware of this constraint and certain of using WordPress, the  Dhaka Colo WordPress Datacenter in Dhaka Bangladesh offers can prove to be a very good solution. The advantage is that you don't have to worry about adjusting the performance level: the platform is built for maximum performance on WordPress in all cases (2 GB of RAM guaranteed, NGINX webserver). The difference between the offers is the number of sites you want to create and the storage space allocated.


With Managed WordPress offers from  Dhaka Colo, you focus on the use of WordPress, rather than its administration. The host has selected for you a list of quality themes and extensions. An online configurator allows you to deploy everything without any effort. You can still install resources of your choice, but in this case, it does not provide updates or support.

Admin panel

Unlike many of its competitors who have chosen to rely on cPanel,  Dhaka Colo offers its customers a homemade control panel and perfectly integrated with the rest of the customer area.
The interface is simple and intuitive, everyone can find it regardless of their level. There is even a  Dhaka Colo mobile application for iOS and Android to manage your accommodation even from your smartphone or tablet.
There is not much to add to the Dhaka Colo control panel. It fulfils its functions and allows the host to stand out from its competitors who offer the eternal cPanel or Plesk.

Rate of availability

The availability rate, expressed as a percentage, represents the proper functioning of web hosting. A rate of 100% means that the host has not experienced any service interruption.
We are constantly monitoring Dhaka Colo web hosting through a probe that we have placed on one of the sites hosted by Dhaka Colo. We perform a site display test every 5 minutes. The graph below allows you to view in real-time the availability rate over the last 7 days, as well as the response time over the last 24 hours.

Domain names

Dhaka Colo is an ICANN accredited office which therefore offers the reservation of domain names. You can add a domain name to your hosting, or simply order a domain name without cloud storage service in Bangladesh, just to block the name while waiting. As a reminder, each web hosting offer already includes the registration of a domain name.
Like its web hosting offers, Dhaka Colo stands out with great prices for the first year. Domain name registration is almost free for the first year.


Dhaka Colo provides 24/7 support :

•    By email
•    Live assistance service: you specify your problem and we offer solutions by directing you to experts who will be able to respond directly to your expectations.

Personal advisor

Dhaka Colo boasts of being the only web hosting provider in the world to put a dedicated contact at your disposal: the personal advisor. Thus, you will have a single point of contact for all your requests. If he were not available, one of his colleagues would, of course, take over.
This advisor aims to support you in your internet success. Its mission, therefore, goes far beyond the traditional support of a host. He can guide you in your first steps, recommend the most suitable solutions, provide you with reports on the performance of your website, advise you on improving its results, in addition to helping you with all questions relating to your contract and your subscriptions.

Help Center

It is not necessarily necessary to contact support if there is any problem. It has created a relatively complete help centre, with many articles and tutorials. The information is there, however, this help centre lacks illustrations and videos for my taste. It would also benefit from being more interactive.


Dhaka Colo is an essential web host whose size guarantees its ability to satisfy and retain its customers. It's a very large catalogue allows it to offer an adequate solution to almost all imaginable needs.
The Dhaka Colo web hosting offers have everything to seduce. They include a considerable number of features that will appeal to both beginners and experienced developers. The performance levels or even the personal advisor make these offers certainly unique and very difficult to compete with hosts who are not the size of Dhaka Colo.
Dhaka Colo is undoubtedly the ideal choice for a first host, and will certainly be able to convince a good number of customers disappointed by the quality of service of their current host. There is no doubt that the special prices applied during the first months will help them in this process.

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