Printing Trade Services

Can you imagine best printing trade services without choosing best quality paper? Paper choice is one of the crucial decisions to expect quality printing services. The paper print leaves a great impact just like ink and the design. It affects when, how and where the printed piece can be utilized.

The paper plays a significant effect on price at higher quantities. So, always keep following points in the mind while opting printing trade services:


 printing trade services

1. Brightness

This is the pre-requisite while opting printing trade services because the brightness affects the contrast and impacts readability. The brighter paper is always known for the display. The ink colors are displayed more accurately, vibrantly and purely. The bright paper also makes color pop and looks better.  A darker paper could be used to create a certain type of image. In general the paper brightness works best for colorful designs.


2. Opacity

Opacity is the measure of transparency or how the print shows through from one side to the other. Always go for opaque paper while heading towards printing trade services. The role of opacity becomes highly important especially if you are printing on both sides of the paper. It is important to choose opaque paper whenever it is distracting and hard to read content.

3. Weight and thickness

Paper weight and thickness play a huge impact while opting for printing trade services. One must talk to the printing professional before choosing the paper stock. It is best to use thicker paper because it produces better results for foil stamping, embossing and die cutting. However, thinner paper is cheaper and uses less material, making it more environmental friendly. Whenever you go for catalogue printing, always make sure that the cover and interior paper stocks possess the right thickness.

4. Coated paper Vs Uncoated paper:

This is another important point one needs to keep in mind while opting for printing trade services.  Uncoated paper has a non glare surface. It is textured, though it can be really smooth like printer or copy paper. The uncoated paper is easiest to write on. This paper is best to be used for Stationery and Standard envelopes. 


However, coated paper has been covered with a hardened clay material for better text and image display. One sided coated paper is mostly used for low-cost postcards. Coated paper is highly difficult to write on, especially with pencils or ballpoint pens.  Coated paper is definitely great for packaging, postcards and brochures.  


5. Superb Finish

If you aim to portray a softer portrait, then always opt for fluorescent inks and knowledgeable pre press technology. The natural surface of uncoated papers is an ideal background for the color process printing. If the concern lies at photographic reproduction, then matte or silk sheet is always the great and safest choice.


We hope we have clarified the features that you must consider while choosing the most appropriate paper for the printing trade services.

3. Embrace creative mindset

Printing has been around the centuries, but the way print is produced & ordered is continuously changing. Best trade price printers are more than just printers; they eager to learn, listen and follow the needs of customers. We embrace changing needs of our customers that needs a creative mindset. With our innovative ideas, we keep a pace with the audience. The creative minded agencies never utter words like” we have always done it”. Or “we are following this since ages”. Rather, they approach each and every day with an open mind. They are willing to adapt to the needs of those around them. 



4. Respect for Margin

The successful printers are those who run their print businesses with respect for margin.  Best printers understand that the owning and running a business is just like riding abike, with no brakes and pedals. It should not be all risk taking with no wisdom. All work and no heath, family or even enjoying some of that “nothing box” is important. The successful printers acknowledge that the margin is as significant as innovation and growth. One should find respectable place for both. 

Get in touch with us! is a new generation trade price printer company. We offer printing services round the clock because we understand time is valuable for you. Contact us for best in class printing assignments. 




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