High School in Vancouver

Private High Schools in Vancouver: Is It A Good Choice?

Canada Star Secondary School is a co-educational, non-denominational, independent school founded in 2013, with the vision of fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for tomorrow’s global leaders.

Higher education or secondary education plays a key role in the life of any student aspiring to build a successful career. High schools assist in laying this very foundation. Having finishedsecondary education, the studentsdesire to take admission to the top universities – the grounds of which are prepared much earlier by private high schools in Vancouver. Every lesson and skill learnt at this age is crucial for the future. Moreover, cooperation and studying alongside international students, student clubs and extracurricular activities, quality campus facilities etc. help prepare the students for a bright future.

The next most important and probably the most nagging question would be:

Why Is It Important To Choose A Private High School For A Child Who Is About To Receive Secondary Education?

1. Increase in Interest in School Life: when it comes to children, they tend to make up excuses to avoid going to school at all costs. But a warm and friendly environment coupled with unique campus facilities – which a private high school in Vancouver can provide – will make school life fun, thereby compelling students to attend high school to pursue their dream career.

2. Increase of Self-Esteem among Students: it is extremely important for a student to develop a high self-esteem at the school level, if he/she is to develop a successful career. Student clubs at school, team work etc. will help them develop confidence and self-esteem which in turn will affect not only their choices but also their decisions they take for themselves in future.

3. Strong Base of Education among Students:   there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled if a student is to receive quality education at the secondary educational level.  Dual credit programs are offered by schools whereby a student of a particular school is allowed to take college-equivalent coursesusually offered in the first year of universities and colleges.

4. Introduction to A World Class Education at School Level: student clubs are an integral part of school life at Vancouver. School clubs include sports clubs, chess clubs, music clubs, art clubs and even engineering design clubs. They prepare students for day-to-day life in the future. Student exchange programs help pupils to cooperate with students of all races, nationalities and religions.

5. Cooperation and Activities outside School Campus:  high schools offer students a unique experience of taking part in outings, field trips, educational tours and excursions. Sports activities, observational activities etc., are a part of the trips which boost the self-confidence of students besides helping them gain the courage to work by themselves.

In order to choose the best education for a child, parents are usually advised to make sure that the school they select has (i) a well-structured curriculum, (ii) extra-curricular activities and (iii) a warm environment for their child to study in. Since secondary education is a stepping stone for a child who is about to explore a greater world outside the school campus, selecting a private high school in Vancouver, suitable for a child, is of utmost necessity.

High school is the best time for growth and exploration, and studying abroad may be one of the most stimulating ways to gain access to new ideas and experiences that could broaden your horizons and help you create memories to cherish for a lifetime. As a private school, we have one important goal to prepare each of our students to gain acceptance into one of the world’s top universities. We give our students more than just academic skills, we provide them with tools, academic knowledge, and rigorous training to prepare them for success in future.

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