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Progressive Web Development App for your eCommerce Store

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Can Boost The Sales Of Your ECommerce Store – Know How?

Progressive Web Development App for your eCommerce Store

Any business that sells products online would benefit from PWA. Fast loading speeds and enhanced user experience makes customers stay and get converted. Whether you plan to develop a full PWA or choose to go with push notifications and add to the home screen only, incorporating the PWA strategy should be the primary priority for any Business, small or big.

Is investing in a Progressive Web App PWA for your Big Commerce Store worth the efforts or are the native apps better? And where will this leave your responsive site? It’s 2020, and a lot has changed how consumers search and buy items. If you want to run your business successfully, you must cater to the eCommerce needs of your mobile users. Are you wondering if it is time to abandon your native website and switch to PWA?

If you still haven’t made the move then the following pieces of advice will help you make the right decision for your business.

What is PWA in eCommerce?

PWA abbreviated as Progressive Web App is an application that makes use of the latest technologies to provide a native app-like user experience. It has the benefits of both the mobile web and native apps. The user gets a rich app-like experience without even the need to download an app from the store. They are also simple to build and easy to access from any browser.

While the element equality between progressive web apps and native apps isn’t 1:1 yet, but PWA has come a long way since its inception.
Highlights such as push notification, faster loading, offline navigation are widely accessible regardless of which PWA you choose.

With PWA capabilities expanding fast, what may require a native app today might be a PWA tomorrow. Bytes Technolab, is a great place to see what works better for your business.

Why your eCommerce needs PWA?

Alina saw the perfect dress in an ad. She clicked on it, and a website prompted her to download its native app. This download made her mobile ran out of space, and the screen transitions led to payment failure.

That wouldn’t have happened if the seller had a Progressive Web Development instead of the native app.

Wider reach:

PWA has a wider reach and works well offline as well.
Having the ability to function even in low bandwidth internet, it can reach the masses. It also occupies less space and is responsive to different screens.

Accessibility and speed:

A Google survey and research found that the higher the loading speed of a website higher the chances of generating the lead. Speed is hence really important, and PWA can provide that as they are designed for speedy and smooth user experience. As PWAs are made up of modern frameworks and technologies, they are fast and work even offline or poor internet connectivity.

Boost engagement:

PWA like a native app, offers the option of sending push notifications to mobile. eCommerce stores can reach their target customers directly and create a highly engaging user experience. Such messages have an impact and grab the attention of users. Industry benchmarks have shown that as many 2.7x more users open and click a push notification when compared to email.

Low Cost:

Like Native Apps, PWA doesn’t require various versions for various devices. A single Progressive web app meets all the endpoint requirements that can operate well on any device. So the cost creation decreases.

Why choosing the right PWA framework is important?

As progressive web development is growing, more and more PWA frameworks show up in the market. Selecting a framework is a crucial step for any PWA project, and there are several factors to consider.


It uses the technology of service workers that powers offline functions and push notifications, and a lot more. It is one of the most praised frameworks for Progressive Web Apps.

React PWA Library:

React based PWA has excellent community, documentation, and backing under its wing, including Facebook and WhatsApp. It is a part of tandem frameworks used to deliver the seamless cross-platform and multi-device user experience. As ReactJS supports raw and JSX, rich data can be easily inserted.

Angular Based PWA Framework:

Renowned for its community of developers and performance, Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Instead of building the application from scratch, one can create a PWA via JSON configuration. It is used to make highly reliable, robust, and responsive PWA.

Since each framework has its own set of features, size, complexity, and scalability, it plays a significant role in choosing the solution. Another factor to consider while developing a high-performance web App is the Progressive Web App Development team and their services.

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