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Pros and cons of Freelancer jobs

We would have been heard this term freelancer, freelancer job ads online. Freelancer is a self-employed profession. In other words, freelancers are their own bosses. And they do not work under any head instead they work for themselves. Freelancers usually work for many jobs for many clients at the same time.

What is a Freelancer?


We would have been heard this term freelancer, freelancer job ads online. Freelancer is a self-employed profession. In other words, freelancers are their own bosses. And they do not work under any head instead they work for themselves. Freelancers usually work for many jobs for many clients at the same time.


You may think freelancer jobs are simple since there is no team leader or manager or HR they are the head of their job. But every job has both advantages and disadvantages. Let us see in detail what are the pros and cons of freelance jobs.


Pros of Freelancer Jobs



#1. Flexibility


Freelancing makes you more flexible. You are the one who can choose what to work when to work, in which place to work, which clients to handle, what projects you can take. These are great flexibility in freelancer jobs. There is no one to order you, you are the one directly committed to the client and satisfy the client’s requirements.


In freelancing jobs you can choose your job schedule if you are comfortable working at night then you can proceed with the night schedule. And if there are no clients with you no one is there to comment on you. And the most flexible point is who is the one who can choose your clients. If the client is comfortable with you, then you can work for that client if not you can cancel his approach but this option is not available in your regular office.


#2. Enriched Experience


Freelancers gain more experience compared with the people working in the office. People who work in the office usually will handle the same type of clients and do the same structure of work there won’t be any variations. Whereas for the freelancers it is not like that, they work with different clients from different domains.


For freelancers by working on different experiences helps to enrich your portfolio. By enriching your portfolio by working on different sectors and taking different projects you will be getting more clients. When you are a freelancer then you would have a better portfolio.


#3. Work for Hours


A freelancer has better experience and worked with different projects so they can easily work on time. And fix the rates for hours. On charging per hour you can able to complete the work on time and earn for the work-time you invested. You can charge more your hourly rates can become higher and different clients can have different hourly rates. For example, if you are starting freelancing, then work with the minimum hourly rate and still have these clients and be happy to work with them despite the amount that they pay but for new clients, raise your hourly rates, and if you are not really willing to work with the lower hourly rate because you already have experience and this experience was due to the clients that at the beginning gave you the chance to show how skilful you are.


#4. Earn More


Experienced freelancers can usually earn more, compared to the freshly entered freelancers. Freelancers are the best profession to gain more experience and to learn more. The more you the expertise you become skilled to earn more by handling more projects and handling different types of clients.


The freelancers who do not have any experience also can earn more. The only thing is you have to work dedicatedly and have to put smart work then you can succeed soon. No experienced freelancers can earn more by choosing the right client, who pays you for the work, and do not expect more. There are a lot of clients who are willing to pay more and they do not look for experienced freelancers and their main goal is to get the work completed soon. 


If the client needs you to do a job that is really time-consuming and paying for lower rates means then do not choose those types of clients. When you have the right ability to work for the right cost then don’t low your rates. This is the unlimited earning potential that freelancers can have.


#5. No Communication


Generally, freelancers won’t communicate more because they got the chance to work ideally without any communication with co-workers or attending meetings or presenting papers. Nothing like this there in freelancer jobs. No one there to question you unless you complete the client’s requirements.


Cons of Freelancer Jobs


Like pros, there are also some cons in freelancer jobs.


#1. Job security


Freelancer jobs are not permanent jobs with fixed salaries every month. Once the contract gets over the client may move on and you have to search for another client. If the client is not satisfied with your work then he may terminate your agreement. So there is always no job security in freelancer jobs. If you have clients and talented to maintain the clients then you can survive with freelance jobs.


#2. Time control


Freelancer doesn’t you can work at any time, of course, you can work at any time but the projects should be handed over on time. If you do not manage the time correctly from the beginning then you will be handling more workload on limited days to complete the projects.


Since freelancers work from their own place they do not have strict office timings and this may lead to an increase in work pressure on last-minute completing projects.


#3. Client Satisfaction


If you are the freelancer you are completely responsible for the client’s satisfaction there is no one other than you for the client to question you, and you cannot escape. All the client requirements should have been met before the deadlines then only you can sustain with the client for the next project. 


Suppose you worked for a client and he is not satisfied with our work means he will be closing your contract and you cannot expect the payment from him just think you might have been planned to buy you favourite things by getting the payment from the client and that may be missed. So satisfying the client is more important in the freelancer jobs.


After looking through this article hope you would be got a clear idea of freelancer jobs.

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