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Pros and Cons Of Working From Home

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Higher education is expensive and whether it’s paying for books, or lab supplies, or rent, the less amount of debt you can graduate with the better off you’ll be.

Time Management

Many people who work part-time Part Time Work From Home NYC are forced to be more productive and make better use of their time because they have less of it. Also by their nature most part-time jobs have little to do with your major, which means it’s a break from your course work. Many studies have shown that taking breaks can improve your focus, productivity, and grades. And if that’s true and you’re going to be taking breaks anyway why not get paid during those breaks?

No Full-Time Jobs

In the past, people used to work full time in order to pay off their college tuition. Currently, there aren’t many jobs and/or university schedules that are flexible enough so for most students part-time is the only option, which is technically a pro?


As a college student, it’s easy to get enmeshed in the same groups-the same classes, and the same people you spend weekends with. Working part-time gives you access to different people and expands your network. I once had a part-time job (during college) and when an on-campus scholarship/internship program was published I recognized that my boss’s boss was on the committee, and I was able to approach him (via my boss) and tell him I was interested. I ended up getting the scholarship, interning under him which I then leveraged into a bigger internship off-campus.

There are a lot of stories about a CS major who met a Marketing major working together and they started a company together-part time work often brings people together who would not have met.



I’ve had students who worked jobs part-time, got promoted, and were offered salaries that were so high that they dropped out of school…only then to be limited by salary caps that were placed on people with no degrees further in their career. Also, there is a problem when you’re making a lot of money (which is always nice) wanting to fuel working more which can hurt your studies if suddenly you’re working 55 hours per week on top of a full course load.

Time Management

If you’re bad at time management, you will of course do worse with a part-time job because you’ll have less time. Now I would like to point out that if you’re bad at time management you should still consider taking a part-time job because you do need to learn that, but obviously, that isn’t the only solution.

Taking Away Jobs from Local Economies

If you’re taking a job that means one less opportunity for someone else who might need that job and there are always local people who lose out to jobs because college students are the preferred hires which can create more feelings of classicism.


Part-time jobs are stressful too-and getting to work, doing your job on top of college coursework can be tough.

Judging Themselves

I’ve had students who start working part-time and it’s temporary for them and then their colleague at the supermarket or fast food place is using that as their full-time job and sometimes it can cause the student to judge themselves (although I would posit that having empathy for people outside your economic class is still a pro) but having that kind of critical judgment can lead someone to feel more stressed and can impact their studies

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