Prostate Stimulations

Prostate Stimulations: How to Leverage it or Better Sexual Health?

Wondering how to improve prostate health? Here are some secret tips that you can use to ensure a healthier prostate with better stimulations

When it comes to sexual stimulations and healthy habits, people tend to ignore the importance of a great prostate massage. For many it is taboo, and others a thought that never saw the day of light! Nevertheless, there is a strong connection between prostate stimulations and sexual health. 

According to a study, prostate massage can help treat chronic prostatitis. Apart from severe sexual diseases, stimulations can help the blood flow in your genitals which can help you improve the health. 

There are many ways in which a prostate massage can help you in improving your vaginal health, and even treat erectile dysfunction in men. Let’s discuss some of the most effective ways to stimulate the prostate for better sexual health. 

#1. Understanding Prostate

There are two aspects of prostate stimulations that you should keep in mind before, trying out any device or even the classic fingering. First is the location of the prostate, because if you don’t know the exact location, you might end up hurting your anal walls. 

The second thing to keep in mind is that you should use lubricants with fingers or even an anal stimulator as it can reduce the chances of any injury. The prostate rests beneath the bladder, and next to the rectum. You can feel the prostate through the rectum's front wall. 

If you are trying to find the P-spot for prostate stimulations, then using a finger or an anal toy can help. Just put a finger or a butt plug, at about 2-4 inches (5-10 cm), and direct it towards your belly button. When the spot will be aroused, it will be felt with prostatic fluid, and it will also become sensitive to touch. 

Once you know where a P-spot is you can now think about different ways of stimulating it.

#2. Prostate Rimming

There has been too much taboo and misconception around the usage of prostate stimulators, and the whole idea of anal play. While some of them believe using prostate stimulators or even involving in such activities makes them gay, others are too tabooed on the concept. On the contrary, it is one of the most satisfying activities that have nothing to do with your sexuality or gender.

With rimming, you can enjoy prostate stimulations without compromising the safety of your genitals. Anal opening houses thousands of nerve endings that are sensitive enough to arouse through sensual massage. The concept of rimming or massaging the anal opening helps with a superior feel and an amazing experience. 

#3. Prostate Stroking


Vaginal stroking is considered to be the ultimate sexual activity for orgasms, but are you aware of the fact that prostate orgasms are superior to vagina ones? While women use fingering for vagina and anal play, the same can be used by men to have prostate stroking activities. 

Most commonly known as the "come hither" motion, it can be carried out through the pad of a finger and not the tip. Stokes are executed by the touch of the pad on the prostate gland, and so these strokes don't feel like poking. You can keep slow momentum and firm pressure for better orgasms. 

The tempo of the strokes can vary, and may not be constant until you finetune the strokes. It is, however, recommended to start slow, and gradually increase the tempo of strokes. 

#4. P-spot Tapping & Circling

Tapping your P-spot is more satisfying, and offers great prostate stimulation than you can ever think, and the same goes for circulating your finger at the prostate gland. Each time you change the variations or even ask your partner to tweak the experience, it feels more orgasmic. It is better to have sound communication as everyone has different tastes, and it helps in understanding your partner. 

If you want to improve the stimulations you can opt for a bigger circular motion that can help in offering superior orgasms. Due to the bigger circular motion, you can target the whole gland, rather than concentrating on the P-Spot. You can even add some high rhythm music to make it interesting.

#5 Anal Toys

There are many different anal toys on the market that can help in prostate stimulations. If you are thinking about butt plugs, then they are not the only ones. You can tap into different types of anal toys, for example, you can use beads, anal vibrators, douche, and even whips for some BDSM mix with the prostate stimulations.

Anal toys are a great alternative to the fingering exercise, and it is quite safe too. With fingers, there can be hygienic issues, at the same time, these toys are safer due to unique designs. They have patterns designed specifically to make the stimulations comfortable and reduce the chances of injury.


Prostatic health is one of the most essential parts of your sexual regime, even if you tend to ignore it. So, here are some amazing tips that you can try, and create a healthy prostate. Don’t let a taboo ruin your sexual health, just practice good prostate stimulations and see the difference!

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