Quality Tray Cable For Industrial Applications

If you're looking for immediate shipment of the wire and cable that you need, you've come to the right place with Electric Wire and Cable Specialists. EWCSwire.com is your one stop shop for all kinds of electronic wire & cable in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you are a contractor wiring a building, or any other industrial wiring job, you need quality Tray Cable. Tray cables are uniquely designed to be extremely versatile, with several applications including power control, distribution, and communication. When you’re providing power to a structure or you just need a cable that can work under tough conditions, the Electric Wire and Cable Specialists(EWCS) have the heavy-duty cables you need to get the job done.

Cable trays are used in industrial applications to support wiring systems. These trays are an amazing option for organizing cables, especially in systems that might need to be rewired in the future. Tray cables can also be used in cable raceways. These systems involve enclosed conduits that hold the electrical cables you need while keeping them out of view. Typically after wiring cable trays, raceways will be employed between the cable tray and the termination point of the line.

Another distinct aspect of tray cables is the fact that they can serve more than just indoor applications. The tray cables offered from EWCS feature chemically cross-linked polyethylene insulation to protect from moisture and heat, as well as a tough PVC sheath to make the cable sunlight resistant and provide extra protection. This makes our cables perfect for outdoor installation, including burying.

We offer our tray cables in several configurations to meet any needs. We sell cables rated for both 300v and 600v depending on your needs. As far as conductors, we offer 600 volt cables with up to 50 conductors and 300 volt cables with up to 12 shielded pairs of conductors.

At EWCS, no matter what wire and cable you order, you know you will receive only top of the line products. All of our wires and cables are made in the US from high-grade copper and rugged insulation and can be ordered in convenient lengths, or the custom lengths that your business needs. Every cable and wire we offer has been listed by either UL or ETL nation testing laboratories to ensure they are up to code.

We also pride ourselves in our ability to ship out all orders as quickly as possible. We know that waiting around for supplies can hurt your business, so we aim to ship every order within one business day. We have several convenient fulfillment centers across the country, so we can typically ship products from a location near you. We aim for every order to be received by our clients within 2 to 3 days time, so you can get back to work as soon as possible.

Whatever your wiring needs, you can turn to EWCS. Whether you need welding cable, marine wire, or tray cables, we have a wide range of products all at direct from manufacturer pricing. Don’t overpay for the quality cable you need, visit EWCS and get the supplies your business requires delivered quickly at a great price.


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