QuickBooks Error 6123 Company File Issue

Error code 6123 related with QuickBooks Company file. When QuickBooks user tries to Create and Restore company files from backup hard disk or opens a company file. You receive error message "QuickBooks Error 6123,0".

QuickBooks Error 6123, zero happens whenever you're attempting to open the corporate file. This error might also arise once you attempt to read a file that is out there directly from the network or restoring the backup of company file. cursed this QuickBooks Error -6123, 0? needn't to worry, we tend to at QuickBooks Error Support is available to guide you throughout to the present tour of error. we actually hope this post ought to be helpful for you. But generally QuickBooks encounter unknown error messages that are troublesome to understand. one in every of the recent errors message that a lot of of the users or administrator has found is “error -6123,0.” So, during this diary we are going to discuss concerning this error message and the way we will fix this with ease.

Causes of Error Code 6123 0:

 You may encounter QuickBooks error message “-6120,0” if: QBW file is corrupt or broken

The network association between your laptop and server isn't connected properly or fully lost

Multiple QuickBooks files are running

Firewall settings is making downside with QuickBooks files or application


Steps to Fix Issue QuickBooks Error 6123 0

Solution 1:Fix damaged network information (.nd) File

A network file (.nd file extension) may be a configuration file that enables access to a QuickBooks company enter a network environment.

  • On the pc that's hosting the QuickBooks company file:
  • Right-click the Windows Start button and choose Explore
  • Browse to the folder that contains the corporate file
  • Right-click the file that has an equivalent name as your company file and also the file extension.nd(for example, MyCompanyFile.nd) and selectRename
  • Change the file extension to.ndold(for example,MyCompanyFile.ndold) and pressEnter
  • Open QuickBooks and open the company file
  • QuickBooks can produce a brand new network file for the company file

Method 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor Install and run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • Search for your QuickBooks company file
  • Click to settle on your network and file
  • Select Continue Type your admin counter sign and choose to Continue
  • Select the trail wherever you have got hold on your file
  • Select Next On completion of repair activity, select Open QuickBooks
  • If in any respect still facing an equivalent issue, we tend to request you to revive your system

Solution 3: Multiuser access

  • Open Company file
  • First, Go to File
  • Switch to Single User Mode
  • Next click on Again File
  • Utilities
  • Stop Hosting Multi-user access
  • File >Utilities > Host Multi-user access
  • Switch to Multi-User Mode

If you see Error -6123,0 whereas restoring your company file

Step 1: Take away special characters from the file name , It is important that your company file name is a smaller amount than or thirty characters which it contains no special characters

Step 2: Restore your company file If you’re restoring your company file from a backup (.qbb):

  • For starters, move the computer file to your native Winchester drive and don't open them from a web storage folder or a removable drive. Follow the steps to revive your company enter backup
  • Go to the File menu and choose Open or Restore Company. in QuickBooks
  • Then select Restore a backup copy then Next
  • Followed by, choose native Backup and then Next.Now, you have got to browse your laptop for your backup company file
  • It'll seem like : [Your company name].qbb.
  • As ensuing step, you only have to be compelled to select a folder to make your mind up wherever to save lots of your rebuilt company file
  • Then select Open.


If you see Error -6123, zero whereas restoring a backup (.qbb) on a brand new laptop

  • You have to create a portable company file (.qbm) and use it to restore your company file
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop on the same computer as the one used to create the backup company file
  • Then open your original company file and create a portable copy of your company file
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop on the new computer
  • Then just restore your company file using the portable copy (.qbm) instead of the backup, and Voila! You’re done

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