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Quickbooks is a great software mainly used in the US and Canada for accounting purpose.Intuit has developed this advanced software for fast and easy accounting.

What is QuickBooks Scan Manager & How to set up?


Quickbooks is a great software mainly used in the US and Canada for accounting purpose.Intuit has developed this advanced software for fast and easy accounting.Generally in accounting we need to manage the inventory, invoices, sales receipt etc and for that we have QuickBooks Scan Manager.Healthcheckbox is good for QuickBook support services and offers you to get help from experienced professionals.Healthcheckbox will provide you a good assistant to assist you regarding the issues with this software.


What is QuickBooks Scan Manager?

QuickBooks Scan Manager is an advanced feature of QuickBooks that helps to make the work easy like attaching files to your invoices, sales receipt, bills and different transactions.Importing and categorizing transactions can also be automatically imported through QuickBooks Scan Manager.QuickBooks payroll is one of the best software for the accountants. But sometimes you may face some error which creates lots of trouble but now no need to worry. QuickBooks Payroll support is there to help you. You can get the best support by dialing +1-844-551-9757 and talk to professionals.


How to set up QuickBooks Scan Manager?

Steps to set up Quickbooks Scan Manager:

Step:1 Create your scan profile

  • Select Documents and then choose Doc Center.
  • Then you have to click on the scan document.
  • If you want to set up a new profile then select New or you can also choose an existing profile by selecting an existing scan profile.
  • Edit the name of your profile and then select Continue.
  • After that adjust the profile settings as appropriate, then select save.


Step:2  Setup & Test your Scanner

  • Click Select after choosing your profile.
  • Now Select scanner setup wizard in select scanner window.


Note: If you don’t see your scanner on the list, download the latest scanner database from Nuance by clicking on the yes button and after that press Next. 


  • Select the appropriate mode.This is typically normal mode.Check the performance test box and then hit Next.
  • Select the test which you want to run, after that select next twice to test your scanner.
  • Check mark on Repeat this test in order to check all modes, then select Next to continue testing in other available modes.

Step:3 Scan & Add Documents


When you successfully test all your modes, you can start using your scanner.

To attach a file, just select the attach file button on any transaction.


How to Fix QuickBooks Scan Manager issues?

Sometimes we may face issues like QuickBooks Scan Manager could not scan or not working at all.If you have trouble setting up or scanning a document you can do the following things:

TWAIN Driver not found

  • You are using the TWAIN compliant scanner.
  • Check whether the scanner is working apart from QuickBooks or not.
  • If the scanner is not working apart from QuickBooks then contact the manufacturer.

Fix Error 281,1

  • First you have to delete your scan profile and create a new one.
  • Now you have to change the user account settings in the window.
  • Repair QuickBooks application and then retry the scanning.
  • Reinstall the program using the clean install feature.
  • Setup the QuickBooks scan manager again to scan the transactions.

What are the Advantages of using QuickBooks Scan Manager?

  • With QuickBooks scan manager you can easily attach files invoices, sales receipt, bills and other transactions.
  • One doesn’t need to be an expert in accounting.
  • Automatically importing and categorizing transactions by connecting it to the bank is also an advantage of QuickBooks Scan Manager.
  • In QuickBooks Scan Manager the balance sheet will automatically get updated and other documents are also created which saves a lot of time.



Finally in this blog we have discussed about the QuickBooks Scan Manager and how to set it up & these are the best possible solutions for Quickbooks Scan Manager and if you are still facing any type of problems then you can contact QuickBooks support for such type of issues.  


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