Repair and restore your jewelry with great tips

Buying beautiful jewelry is not the only option. It is a great responsibility. One has to take proper care of the jewelry as it comes at a great expense. We cannot afford to be casual with our jewelry as it can cost a lot to us. When buying jewelry, one should seek special tips from the jeweler to take care of your jewelry. The recommendations will safeguard your jewelry from any damage. Apart from this, it should also be kept in mind that every metal needs extra care. You cannot apply the Same tips to every metal like gold jewelry needs extra care from diamond jewelry. Jewelry repair comes at a high cost. One should not lose his heart when the jewelry gets damaged. Several remedies are there, owing to which you can repair and restore your jewelry. This article will apprise you with the tips to repair and restore the lost sparkle of your jewelry. 


Tips to repair and restore your jewelry 


When we get new jewelry for ourselves, it is new and has a shiny appearance. Moreover, people love jewelry for its glossy texture. But wearing the jewelry daily can ruin its shine and glitter. Regular wear and tear can damage your jewelry. And if you consider replacing it, then it will turn out to be very expensive. The much better option will be to get it repaired and restored. You can either fix it yourself or get it done by the jeweler. It will also be economical. 


The primary thing which you should keep in mind is about the storage. The right storage boxes or bags for your jewelry will enhance the life and value of your jewelry. No one will take care of your jewelry like you do. Silver jewelry usually tarnishes after some time, but if it is stored in airtight containers, you can save your silver jewelry from turning black. Besides this, before storing your jewelry, see to it that your jewelry doesn't touch against each other as it might lead to scratches to your jewelry. 


Secondly, one should get their jewelry serviced quite often. The regular service will stop your jewelry from getting damaged. Jewelry should get serviced once a year to retain its shine and beauty. This will also relax you as your jewelry will be safe now. Moreover, your jeweler will let you know your jewelry's potential problems and get them also done. 


Another great way to restore your jewelry is to get jewelry insurance. It was not available in previous times. But now, owing to the risks, jewelry insurance is done. The jewelry insurance protects your jewelry from any damage and provides you protection. One is often at peace after getting the jewelry insurance. You can always get a claim if your jewelry gets lost or damaged. 


After wearing your jewelry for a day, make sure to clean your jewelry with a soft cloth. This will wipe out the dirt or moisture present in your jewelry. Cleaning it with a soft cloth will protect your jewelry's shine and will not harm it in any manner. You can also use mild soap to clean your diamond jewelry. 


While going out for a swimming pool, make sure to leave your jewelry at home only. There are harsh chemicals present in swimming pools that can ruin the shine of your jewelry. Discoloration can occur on account of the chlorine present in the collection. 


The pearl jewelry should never be cleaned with water and soap as it can cause heavy damage to the pearls. When you are not wearing pearl jewelry, always keep it in safe custody and not hang it. Your pearls can get damaged when suspended. 




These are some of the tips to repair and restore your jewelry. Jewelry repair is not a difficult task and can get done quickly. You can also get your jewelry repair done at Alex and company. 


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