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Retail Site Planning & Selection - How To Pick The Ideal Location For Your Business

If you are interested in what retail site planning is and how to pick the perfect location for your business, read on!

It is important when you open new retail sites that you select the right location, after all, this could make or break your business, so there really isn’t any room to make errors. 


Luckily, in this day and age there are more accurate ways to make these tricky decisions, specifically designed software for retail site planning offers information that you couldn’t simply collect on your own accord. 


If you are looking for a well-informed insight into retail site selection, you have come to the right blog, read on to catch our views on retail location planning software and who to go to for it.


What Is Retail Location Planning?

Retail location planning combines location analytics with customer, competitor and demographic data to map out any existing outlets, pinpoint the optimum locations for new stores and identify the best areas for marketing activity locally. This data is compiled and is often visually presented, identifying the areas that would benefit your business the most, allowing you to make a well-informed decision on your next retail site location.


Is There a Need For Retail Site Selection Software

Although you could gather the data yourself and attempt to map it, it will be extremely time consuming and not exactly as accurate as you might hope it would be. This is where specialist software steps in to save the day, for a small investing cost, you get your return on investment without a doubt. Retail Location Planning Software offers accurate data and presents it in heat maps, allowing you to visualise and pinpoint exactly where your new business site would thrive the most.

So in short, yes, it is necessary to use software for this process.


Where Might You Find This Software?

You can spend hours researching the right software to use, and come out with a list of maybes, or I could offer a company that have years’ of experience in retail location planning, as well as franchise territory mapping and field force optimisation, to save you time!


Tech4T are specialists in territory, field force, site location and targeting optimisation, offering a range of different software to help your business.

To enquire about the retail planning software Tech4T has to offer, get in contact with them today.

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