Review of Miele WDB030, AEG L9FEC96S & Eco Bubble WW8BK5210UW Washing Machine

Miele appliances are considered the cream of the crop. And this reputation is far from stolen: if these products are so reliable, it is because they go through a series of drastic tests of resistance.


Miele WDB030: the best high-end

However, a question inevitably arises when one is preparing to invest in an "entry-level" product of the brand, such as the WDB030 washing machine: do I have the guarantee to benefit from Miele quality by buying the most affordable product in the range? The answer is yes, and here is why.


With a washing capacity of 7 kg, this Miele is perfectly adapted to take care of the linen of a family of four people. In addition, it is a formidable efficiency on stains of blood, coffee or blackberry, of which there remains only a vague shade after washing.


For rinsing, it gives satisfactory results. If you have sensitive skin, you will appreciate the "Hydro Plus" function that allows you to rinse the laundry even further.


Spinning, carried out at 1400 revolutions/minute, makes it possible to obtain a cloth that is not too wet and which dries relatively quickly.


And although it performs well, the washing machine consumes little: 0.9 kWh and 50 liters of water on average by laundry, thanks to its intelligent water management system WaterPerfect.


By cons, in terms of noise, we can not say that it is the most discreet washing machine. It is sound level is 50 dB during the washing phase, and 74 dB when spinning.


In the end, although the Miele WDB030 is the cheapest model of the brand, it remains a high-end device that performs much better than its competitors with quality and more: sustainability.




AEG L9FEC96S: the high-end alternative



Since it was acquired by Electrolux in 1996, AEG has become the luxury brand of the group.


In terms of washing, we can say that the model we have selected is doing pretty well the job, making the laundry impeccable and overcoming most stubborn stains, while showing great care for clothes delicate since it softens the water before treating the laundry.


In addition, it has an ion exchange filter system that optimizes the amount of water and detergents used and enhances the efficiency of washing, even at low temperatures.


The rinsing is powerful, and the "rinsing plus" function allows you to go deeper to eliminate the particles of laundry remaining in the heart of the fibers: a very useful feature for people prone to skin problems.


Spun at a speed of 1600 rpm, the laundry is not wet and dry in record time. M despite its large capacity, the washing machine still remains economical because it uses 0.6 kWh and 54 liters for a washing machine Cotton 60 ° C.


On the side of discretion, we must recognize that if the 47 dB in the phase of washing are welcome, we saw more discreet than the 75 dB in spinning.


Most of this model? The steam function that smoothes the laundry and reduces the ironing time.


Overall, the AEG L9FEC96S is ideal for a large family. It does not just perform well, takes care of a large amount of laundry and limits its consumption of water and electricity, but it greatly simplifies all the management of linen.


The fibers are treated with delicacy, drying is fast and ironing is easy. A real plus when one has to take care of the mountains of linen of a large family. Its price, enough, prevents it from getting the place of the best high-end, but it is nonetheless an excellent alternative.




Honorable Mentions

Whirlpool TDLR 60210: This washing machine is a different model from the window machines proposed so far. The advantage of "top" machines is that they do not require a lot of space. This model is particularly well suited for a studio or an apartment!


Electrolux EW6F4840SP PerfectCare: This model has a capacity of 8 kg and belongs to the energy class A +++. It has an LCD screen and a quiet washing and spinning phase (up to 1400 rpm). At the program level, you have an anti-allergy program (washing at 60 ° C and additional rinsing) and a wool program. You can also program a delayed start and consult the remaining time.


Samsung ADD WASH Eco Bubble WW8BK5210UW: Among the AddWash range, this model 8 kg can interest you in that it offers not a standard depth of 60 cm, but 45 cm, which makes it an interesting model for the more small spaces. Listed A +++, it offers a fairly low consumption (without being the best in this area). And although it does not consume too much water, it offers a very good wash and Samsung washing machine price in Bangladesh. Its spin is however less effective than in the Samsung of our selection


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