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Ringtones for iPhone and how to set up mobile ringtones for iPhone. is a website that provides ringtones for mobile phones with thousands of iPhone, Samsung ringtones and sound effects.

Hi everybody.
Surely everyone of us owns a mobile device, it can be Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi or iPhone. Moreover, nowadays mobile users are very fond of ringtones for mobile phones, installing them is also easy, isn't it when with Android you only need a few small steps to be able to do it. them. Particularly for iPhone, to set up you need to use a few taps. Follow to be able to understand the steps to set ringtones for iPhone.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer
Install the itunes app for your computer from the apple website.
You connect 2 devices using cable.
Then, open iTunes, choose Music >> choose Library.
Step 2: Open the song on the computer.
You choose the song you like by File in the upper left corner >> click Add File to Library.
Note: You can select many desired songs as ringtones, but required to tail is mp3.
Step 3: Get song information
Select the song as ringtone, right-click and select the item Get information (Song Info).
Step 4: Cut the ringtone
Select Options >> cut music 30 seconds because the limit of a regular ringtone does not exceed 40 seconds, higher cutting time iPhone will not recognize.
Finally click OK.
Step 5: Create the AAC version
In the main interface, choose File >> Convert >> select Create AAC Version.
Step 6: Display in Windows Explorer
You right click on the newly cut ringtone >> select Show in Windows Explorer (Show in Windows Explorer) to put the ringtone into the folder.
Step 7: Turn the ringtone extension into .m4r
The newly created music file is in .m4a format, you need to convert it to .m4r to use it on iPhone.
Step 8: Connect iPhone to iTunes by plugging in the cable, clicking the iPhone icon on iTunes.
Step 9: Sync the ringtone
Select Alert >> select ringtone >> Sync. Wait for the sync process to finish, please disconnect the cable connection from the computer and iPhone.
Step 10: Operations on the phone
Open your iPhone then go to Settings >> select Sound
Then access to Ringtone >> select the ringtone you just created.

A few new phones that are most suitable for ringtone setting are the iPhone 12. With its luxurious and beautiful design, what else is there for you not to set this device a ringtone based on these my suggestion. Friends and family will be much more surprised when you can do it with ease.

Recently, DxOMark, a website specializing in assessing the ability to take pictures of smartphones, has suddenly released a feature that evaluates sound quality. And after testing audio on the iPhone 12, DxOMark has scored Apple's newly released super product with a score of 73, standing at number 7 in the audio chart, quite surprisingly, this position ranks behind both iPhone Xs Max seniors before.

If you do not own an iPhone 12 device, do not be sad that all iPhone devices or even Android can download and install iPhone ringtones for your device. A few simple steps that you can learn them online, even right here in this article. Be a smart user.

The main task of a sound technician is to use the sound engineer help and they have a lead person who can be very attentive. The second download and download has only the primary responsibility specifically for the iPhone ringtones that are really necessary when iOS is a fairly closed operating system.
Above is one of the ways to set ringtones for iPhone when you use iTunes. If you do not know how to use it, I will suggest you a place like which provides ringtones for mobile phones and thousands of iPhone ringtones, Samsung ringtones and special sound effects. that iPhone users can search and download in the easiest way. Not only that, they also provide free ringtones that you can download at any time.

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