Role of ED drugs in impotence

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a sexual weakness that makes it difficult to have the erection for sex. In the majority of cases, sexual weakness is a common problem in males. If it is acquired in adulthood due to medial and non-medical problems, it can be cured easily.

The impotence and erectile dysfunction is the name given to the soft or loss of erection in males.  The impotence can be from birth also. Erectile dysfunction happens in the majority of cases later in life. The easiest and fastest way to overcome impotency is to use Viagra 150mg at least 40 minutes before sex.


Causes of erectile dysfunction in males 

Erectile dysfunction and impotence terms are exchanged to describe the loss of erection in males. It is a condition in which a male either cannot get an erection or losses the erection without completion of the sex.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence can happen to any males in middle or mature years. It is not a problem that is inevitable in middle-aged males. But there are certain conditions which hasten the erectile difficulties. The males with a sedentary lifestyle, obesity and high blood pressure face the early prospects of the erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, the males with an active life and healthy diet can delay the erectile dysfunction till ripe old age. So, to come extent, it is in our hands to maintain our sexual health. However, there are some medical conditions which increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. Kidney, liver or heart issues can reduce the ability of a male to have the hard erection. It is necessary to get medical treatment for medical causes of erectile dysfunction.

Role of erectile dysfunction medicines 

The basic cause of erectile dysfunction at the cellular level is a reduction in blood flow to the sexual organ. The erectile medicines push blood towards the sexual organ. The penis filled with blood gets an erection, when the user is sexually charged. 

To understand the role of erectile dysfunction drugs let us understand the erection process in our body. The erection of the penis takes place when a male is sexually excited. The sexual excitement stimulates the nitrate oxide in our blood vessels. The nitrate oxide is already on our blood vessels. It stimulates the function of cGMP, which relaxes the blood vessels to increase the blood flow. In makes with erectile dysfunction, the PDE5 stop cGMP, from functioning properly. It reduces the blood flow and loss of erection happens. It is known as erectile dysfunction.

The role of erectile dysfunction drugs is to stop PDE5 from working. This is why all erectile dysfunction drugs are known as PDE5 inhibitors. When this enzyme is restricted, the cGMP increases in the smooth muscles of the penis. The blood flow increases in the smooth muscles of the penis. The erection comes when the male is sexually stimulated. 

The erectile dysfunction drugs come in dosages. They also have generic versions with the same ingredient. Cenforce 100mg is the generic version of Viagra. It has a duration of 4 -5 hours, during which a male gets as strong erection. The intensity of the impact decreases after every 4 hours. However, the erection can still take place, but with low intensity.

There is another erectile dysfunction drug called Levitra 40mg. it is preferred by males who like some smoking and heavy meal with the erectile medicine. Its impact also lasts 4 -5 hours. But it is considered a stronger dose compared to the Viagra and Cialis. The smaller dose of the Levitra is enough to get the required erection for sex.

Fewer side effects of the erectile dysfunction drugs

Like all medicines, erectile dysfunction drugs also have some side effects. These are due to an increase in the blood circulation in the body. Flushing, dizziness, drowsiness, a headache, and blue tint vision for Viagra users are common side effects. The tadalafil 20 mg, has the longest period of 36 hours. So males who are on medication need consultations. The traces of this drug remain in the body for a longer period. The seniors should avoid this as it gives back pain due to a longer impact period. 

Higher dosages do not give a hard erection. They are meant for males with extreme erectile dysfunction. It is always safe to let a medical expert prescribe the medicines after examination of the problem and health status.

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