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Safety measures for laundry and dry cleaning under the COVID-19 conditions.

The covid 19 Safe Workplace Guidelines set out what employers should do as they continue, or seek to resume, business operations laundry and dry cleaning in UK


Who thought life would take such a turn, and everything around you will change? We had not even imagined in our wildest dreams that the entire world would pause like this. Life is all about uncertainties, hence proved. Our “normals” have changed now, seeing masked faces all around you is the new normal. So many of us weren’t even aware of the word “quarantine” before the current situation. Wearing gloves, maintaining social distance, staying indoors, using sanitizers, again and again, are few of the precautionary measures that the human race has now adapted too.


The past few months have been really tough on all of us, we’ve lost so many loved ones at the hands of COVID-19. And we couldn’t do anything. We’ve all been in a very helpless situation. There’s no successful vaccine to combat the virus yet. There are so many people still fighting with the deadly virus. We know there’s no “cure” to this. All we are left with is, is to take precautionary measures and keep ourselves and our families safe and sound. Coronavirus spreads from person to person. Whenever an infected person coughs or sneezes, respiratory droplets carrying the virus spread all over the surroundings, when someone else inhales in the same air, he gets infected, and the cycle goes on. Which is why it is so important to stay at least 6 feet away from the other person. With all other safety measures, it is important to know about the safety measures regarding laundry and dry cleaning in the light of COVID-19. The current situation has increased the anxiety levels in choosing what are the right steps to be taken. How to keep the house safe.

You need to keep disinfecting all the surfaces in your house. It is ideal to wash the surfaces with soap and water and then spraying them with disinfecting sprays. There are various disinfecting sprays available in the market, or you can make it at your home by diluting 70% alcohol in water.


For laundry and dry cleaning, we are still not sure about how long does the coronavirus remains alive on clothes. But the metals zips and the plastic buttons on them can keep the virus survive for days! So if you’re looking for laundry and dry cleaning in the light of COVID-19,  whether you’re in Harrogate or Birmingham, these steps should be taken care of.


  • Try to change your clothes every time you come from outside, you never know, you might be carrying the virus home via clothes.
  • Try to launder and dry clean clothes separately. Do not give them spin together. This can be one major reason for spreading the virus.
  • Make sure to use a good quantity of soap or detergent for laundry, since soap has been researched to be removing the virus from surfaces.
  • Wash your clothes in warm water. The more the temperature of the water is, the more likely it is to kill all the germs stuck on the lovely pieces of your clothing!
  • Immediately after washing, wash your hands with soap, and disinfect the machine using disinfecting liquids.

If you’re going outside for laundry purposes, here are the safety tips under the COVID-19 conditions to be followed.

  • You should try to go at the time when you expect the minimum number of people. So that you can launder while maintaining physical distance.
  • Make sure you maintain social distance.
  • You must be wearing a mask and gloves, and you should instantly dispose of them as soon as you get back home!
  • Before starting, you should disinfect the machine that you’re about to use.
  • Sanitize your hands as soon as you’re done with using the laundry facilities


If you’ve been infected with coronavirus, here’s how you can keep your laundry process safe.

  • Keep all the clothes that you change, in a plastic bag. And keep the bag sealed till the laundry or dry cleaning day.
  • Firstly, disinfect the place where you’re going to launder the clothing.
  • Wash your clothes yourself, hand-wash them separately. Because you never know which piece of clothing is carrying what type of germs.
  • Make sure to use the highest possible water temperatures, as most viruses and bacteria do not survive very high temperatures.
  • Use antibacterial detergents for laundry. Pick up the detergents that have a maximum concentration of alcohol.
  • Once you’re done washing, disinfect the whole place again. So that there are no remnants.

These safety measures for laundry and dry cleaning, in the light of covid19, must be followed to ensure maximum protection against the lethal virus. We have to withstand this situation, and we will be successful in it with consolidated effort! Let’s be extra careful, let’s protect ourselves and our loved ones, let's stay positive and keep our hopes high in these difficult times. 

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