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Samsung Brand Launching Latest TV In BD

Samsung TV 32", the organization's very first TV in the Bangladeshi market, is set to provide a wise TV experience to everyone with excellent quality at an honest price.

Samsung TV 32", the organization's very first TV in the Bangladeshi market, is set to provide a wise TV experience to everyone with excellent quality at an honest price. Sleek design with strong hardware, user-friendly interface packed with a vast library of multimedia content. Samsung TV 32" raises the bar in the local TV industry.

It is a fantastic day for us in Bangladesh. We're pleased to introduce the new LED TV price in Bangladesh with all the tradition of providing high quality, excellent products at the cheapest cost. As we believe it will disrupt the TV business in Bangladesh and deliver a fresh wave of adoption for smart TVs.

Samsung LED TV

Samsung LED TV price in Bangladesh comes with Samsung's very own Patch Wall interface specially designed for Bangladesh. Patch Wall's universal search makes it effortless to locate content, together with personalized recommendations and smart categorizations. Backed by Android TV, users will have the ability to set up their popular programs on Google Play, see YouTube videos, and fully utilize features like Chrome cast built-in and Google Voice Search.

Featuring a Samsung TV 32" produces vibrant images with vibrant colors and has a double 8W stereo speaker set-up boasting DTS surround sound for an immersive cinematic experience.

Samsung TV Front View


Supporting its powerful performance is an Amlogic 950x quad-core SoC along with also a Mali-450 GPU. With 1GB DDR RAM + 8GB eMMC storage. Along with this, the Samsung Remote is incredibly user friendly. With just 12 buttons, which can be a stark contrast to conventional remotes filled with buttons? Samsung TV 32" provides excellent connectivity it has three HD Samsung interfaces, two USB 2.0 ports, and an Ethernet port. Wireless options include dual-band Wi-Fi, as well as Bluetooth 4.2, to connect to various devices that are supported.

Samsung TV 32" will be available with pre-orders beginning on solely on All Showrooms and Online E-commerce sites in Bangladesh. By 20 September onwards, Samsung TV is going to be available online through Transcom Digital, also out of 29 September onwards; it'll be accessible offline at Authorized Samsung Stores.

Purchase Samsung TV

Samsung has a wide selection of televisions to offer you. It has HD, 4K UHD, and smart ones to select from others. You can choose to purchase one as per the resolution or screen size or type. If you're interested in finding specific options, you can also have a look at the 4K Smart QLED that includes 16X for authentic clarity, subtle details, and also enhanced thickness. The Quantum HDR 16X that magnifies brightness for lifelike visuals and natural shades.

Additionally, to lower image noise, loss of information, and also to sharpen edges, Samsung TV gets got the AI Up-scaling technology. Samsung TV also has the Frame 4K UHD TV, which has an Art Mode, a color volume of 100 percent, and a custom Samsung framework to get a painting-like aesthetic. You can check out all the models of Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh on internet shopping websites. Now it's Available in Bangladesh in Transcom Digital Electronics.

Samsung TV

Buying a TV just because you know you'll be confronting Comoro Samsung in terms of resolution, panel quality, image quality, audio, connectivity, smart features, and much more. Samsung has tried to address these issue with the. The TV boasts of 4K, HDR 10 capacities, and a 10-bit VA panel made by Samsung. Additionally, it includes an exceptional interface. With the Samsung Smart LED TV 4, Samsung targets the Samsung LED TV market with it’s tried and tested formula of supplying impressive specifications at disruptive pricing.

Samsung TV resolution Types

If you're on the lookout for Wall TV for business-related functions, WXGA resolution TVs are the perfect choices. All these Samsung TVs come with a screen resolution of approximately 1280×800 and are ideal for watching DVDs. For routine home-viewing, you can choose out of HD, HD Ready, Full HD TV, and 4K Ultra HD televisions. The picture quality of a TV depends on its pixel amount. The more pixels it gets, the better its picture-clarity will be.

Samsung TV Design

Samsung TV is astonishingly slim, measures a mere 4.9mm at its thinnest point not seen before within our Samsung TV series, and The Samsung LED Smart TV is slender. At its weakest point that Samsung TV measures a mere 4.9mm, a flagship-grade layout. TV will get thick at the base, and that is because it is the underside where the internals is housed. It can be put on a standalone.

Overall, the layout of the TV is quite attractive, mainly because of how slender it is. The design helps to ensure your focus goes towards the material on display.

Why get a Smart TV? Want to entirely lose yourself to the thrill of watching an action movie? Watch it on TV price in Bangladesh for a truly immersive experience. If you want an internet-enabled tv series, Smart TVs that feature built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are a fantastic bet. Then you've got curved TVs that feature a high pixel count, offering you a full Field of view so that you've got an immersive TV viewing experience, research, an extensive selection of television sets from Samsung TV, outfitted with attributes that Are more striking than another, your very best bet at bringing home the most up-to-date in Website Transcom Digital.

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