Schedule Your Instagram Content With Grum And Bolster Your Business

Grum is one of the best Instagram scheduler tools out there. You use it to automatically schedule Instagram pictures and videos. If you’re a fashion brand and need to upload content on a routine basis, but have a tight schedule to remember everything, Grum is the right tool for you.

Grum is one of the best Instagram scheduler tools out there. You use it to automatically schedule Instagram pictures and videos. If you’re a fashion brand and need to upload content on a routine basis, but have a tight schedule to remember everything, Grum is the right tool for you.

  • It’s a 3rd party tool, enabling you to publish pictures on multiple accounts/platforms at the same. It schedules every post for the upcoming week.
  • This trusted IG scheduler helps you upload your stuff to the platform from your computer, easily shuffle between different accounts, and manage unlimited Instagram profiles.
  • Basically, you use Grum to post from your computer sans storing any key or password. Hence, there’s no risk of your getting the account getting stolen.
  • All you have to do is upload images on a computer. The next step is to set your schedule.
  • The tool offers the great possibility to post pictures on the exact time and day, to edit published posts, and hide hashtags.
  • Other features include bulk uploading, time zone settings, users’ tags, and more.

The pros and cons                                                                               

For two accounts, Grum charges $9.95. For 3-5 accounts, it charges $3.95 each, and for 6 plus accounts, Grum charges $2.95 per month for each account.

  • The IG posting tool lets you schedule photo posting a week or month ahead.
  • It’s so simple to use that you don’t need any tutorials. It’s the only IG tool that posts content directly to the platform and complies with other tools.
  • It does so when IG post is ready for publishing. It sends a push notification to your mobile device.
  • There’s a hullabaloo around how Grum complies with the TOS of Instagram. In addition to its affordability, you can also use it without technical hassles.
  • You can edit and crop images, which is a boon for fashion brands.
  • It contains a hashtag counter, which informs you when you’re about to touch or cross your limit. The limit is 30 hashtags.
  • You don’t need the training to operate it.
  • On the flip side, you can only post to your Instagram account. So, if you want to add posts to other platforms, you will need another scheduling tool to do that. That makes you consider an additional cost.
  • It’s unfortunate that you can’t write or edit comments after your post goes live.
  • You’d have too long into directly to your Instagram account for editing it.
  • Grum doesn’t have any analytics features as yet, but the company states that it will add them in the future.

Bulk uploading

Currently, it doesn’t offer the same proportion or form of bulk uploading options as social media tools like Hootsuite, but it can schedule a slew of posts at a given time.

  • You can drag various videos and images into its dashboard. Simultaneous scheduling of posts makes it very popular among fashion businesses.
  • You can also get free Insta likes for your posts from reputable sites. Its first-comment aspect and single-click operation for scheduling make it all the more viable.
  • Overall, it’s a very handy tool for your social media marketing directives.
  • If you’re wondering if Grum puts your IG account at risk, you need to remember why other tools require that extra step of making the user publish content. It’s due to the automation rules of IG.
  • You can be 100% sure that Grum doesn’t follow this and bypasses this. The tool may manually perform the posting since they claim that they don’t integrate API.
  • Many people have been using Grum for more than one year and haven’t reported any issues with terms violations.
  • Its user interface is amazingly easy to use. It’s easy to switch between scheduled tabs and Timelines for managing your posts.
  • It has a nice Scheduled layout because it renders a solid visual representation of how your IG feed will look like when you go live.

The smooth auto-poster

With Grum, you don’t need to pause your IG posting activity/work when you’re spending time with your near ones or traveling. You can schedule your posts in advance and maintain a connection even when you are away.

  • The online service lets you post and schedule content as per the time and day from any of your IG accounts.
  • It has a fairly simple system and straightforward design. You can use it from any location or computer. It’s a Mac/PC based tool, which enables you to free up your valuable and not miss deadlines.
  • It goes beyond saying that both professional and home Instagram users can get a lot of benefits from Grum.
  • If you’re traveling, the tool helps you to remain in sight of your viewers. Your posts will not disappear.
  • Brands utilizing an array of social media marketing platforms can easily schedule their IG activity, whilst focusing on other tasks.
  • For example, if you’re running a clothing line and want a prominent presence on Instagram, you can always schedule your posts for a week in advance.
  • That will help you to attend your events or conduct shows without worrying about promoting your content online.
  • Social media managers are in love with Grum as it’s like a genie in a flask.

Picking the best scheduler for your business

In the recent past, scheduling any type of post to Instagram was a headache. With the majority of third-party tools, you could only line up your IG posts within the concerned tool. However, it still sent push notifications or you had to take manual action for actually copying and posting the image to your feed at that chosen time.

  • An app like IG doesn’t want to illustrate everything that goes on under its roof. Hence, it gives an API to respond to your requests only.
  • The implication is that most of the scheduling tools were unable to send a request to the API for posting.
  • Due to the value the app places on human touch, manual action became imperative.
  • Apart from Grum, Sked Social, Later, Iconosquare and Plann are prominent businesses in the scheduling circuit.




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